009 | Camp FI South Takeaways & Community Feedback

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The first portion of this podcast is feedback from last week’s episode: The Low-Hanging Fruits of FI.

  1. Anonymous talks about Project FI and tells us about calling to get cell phone data reports.
  2. Cody’s mom asks us to clarify how WiFi works.
  3. Luke from Forming the Life talks about the power of automation.
  4. Jeremy corrects Cody about AskTrim and mentions Truebill.
  5. Mike weighs in about Sling TV for watching football.
  6. Emily tells us about saving money on groceries with Checkout 51.

Camp FI South

The second portion of this episode was recorded LIVE from Camp FI South! Whitney Hansen of Money Nerds, Paul Thompson of Ready Investor One, TJ and I all asked the attendees to share their #1 takeaway from Camp FI. Enjoy!

Doc G – “Knowing that you have a group of people to support you at a hard time in life, who come to the world with the same worldview is really magical”

“Content creators tend to shout at the world, but there a lot of people out there who are whispering and if you listen closely you can learn a lot.”

Contact him at Diversefi.com!

James Lowery – “You don’t need as much… it seems like it takes a long time to see any progress, but then once you notice the progress it’s already taken off at that point”

Contact him at RethinkTheRatRace.com!

Ruth Bresnahan – “Personal growth is the most important thing. If you’re not experiencing personal growth, then your quality of life will go down no matter where you are in the journey”

Justin Taylor – “Stop being so focused on this large nest egg number…giving me that confidence to step away and make it all work out”

Contact him at Saving-Sherpa.com!

Captain DIY – “Remove the idea of the nest egg number and take away the money aspect. Learn to enjoy the journey… The FI journey itself is such a growth experience”

Contact him at DIY2FI.com!

Doug Nordman – “I did not expect the level of interest in raising a money-smart kid… I’ve learned as a blogger that when you get the same questions over and over again you probably should write about it”

Contact him at The-Military-Guide.com!

Stephen Baughier – “I appreciate you guys coming this weekend, and all of the other people who are listening who have come to a Camp FI previously this year, I appreciate you for being a part of this and hopefully we’ll have a successful 2019 and make more connections.”

Contact him at CampFI.org!

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