2023 Goals and Strategies

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In this episode, Cody and Justin share their goals and strategies for 2023.

The goals were loosely broken into a few groups.

  • Finance
    • Justin: Hitting $2k/month from covered calls, eliminating car payment, covering half of the mortgage via Airbnb & Turo
    • Cody: Solo 401K, tax optimization through real estate, syndications, angel investing, spending more on time-saving services
  • Business
    • Cody: Doubling down on Gold City Ventures, podcast growth, rental properties
    • Justin: Upskilling his direct reports and finding them leadership opportunities
  • Travel
    • Cody: Slow travel & workations
    • Justin: Take his dad on his first international trip, more trips w/ close friends, establish a Trusted House Sitter profile
  • Fitness
    • Cody: Gym 5-7 days per week, less screen time before bed, daily walks, limited alcohol
    • Justin: Maintaining low body fat % and increasing muscle, a full year without getting drunk
  • Other:
    • Justin: Building up skills in 3d printing/laser engraving
    • Cody: Always putting people before business/money

We think 2023 will be a great year for The Financial Independence Show and for all of you as well.

Make sure you pop over to our Facebook group and share your 2023 goals!

We’d love to cheer you on and keep you accountable.

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  4. The Topia App with Logan Leckie

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