2023 Recap – Money Hacks, Health Goals, and Lots of Travel

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Another year down!

The guys break down what they accomplished in 2023 and where they stand going into 2024.

They’re entering 2024 with a combined net worth of $4.2M while also being in the best shape of their lives.

Cody is now married and Justin is now retired.

Those are some major life updates and it’s amazing how much changes each and every year.

Justin had his first calendar year of giving up alcohol and Cody keeps adding to his list of successful businesses.

The guys break down the episode into three major categories:

  1. Wealth
  2. Health
  3. Travel

It’s a financial podcast so of course there are financial hacks covered with resources provided.

But the journey is so much more than just finances.

Health and wellness are also huge topics in this episode.

Then the episode is rounded out by covering the laundry list of awesome travel and experiences from 2023.

The road to financial independence doesn’t have to be one of boring sacrifice.

This gets reinforced through Justin and Cody’s lifestyle every year.

In 2024 we’re confident we’ll end up happier, wealthier, armed with new experiences, and well over 2 million downloads on the podcast!

Thank you all for listening and may this episode help you on your path to a happy, healthy, and financially independent future.

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