Accountant Turned Content Creator Who Retired from Corporate at Age 25 | John E Finance

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Today’s episode features John Eringman a.k.a John E Finance who left his accounting job at age 25 to pursue content creation full-time.

From the beginning, John was doing everything “right”.

He got good grades, landed an accounting job, and was saving a decent % of his income.

But John knew that something was missing.

As a fun side project, he started recording short videos covering basic personal finance topics: student loan debt, credit cards, budgeting, etc.

All things that he wished he was taught in school (despite having a degree in Finance).

What John didn’t expect was how quickly these videos would gain traction.

Within just a few months, he had amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across TikTok and Instagram.

And better yet, he started to out-earn his day job through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Today, John works as a full-time content creator and shares financial education with millions.

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