Your Guide to Stock-Based Compensation | Brian Feroldi

W-2 jobs don’t often get a ton of love in the financial independence space. However, we’d argue it’s the most likely path for the largest percentage of people. Especially when you learn how to really squeeze all the value out of that career. Brian Feroldi joins us to discuss just how to do that. Specifically … Read more

From a Cubicle to Financial Freedom at 28 | Jesse Ray

Jesse Ray Episode

The podcast has been around for more than 5 years. That means it’s actually old enough to follow our entire journey to financial independence. Jesse Ray was listening to our episodes back in 2020 sitting in his cubicle. Less than 2 years later, he retired from the corporate world and we’re pumped to bring you … Read more

Geohacking – How to Make Money With Your House While Traveling

Geohacking Episode

Who doesn’t want to vacation more? Too bad it’s so expensive… But what if it was cheaper than living your normal day-to-day life? Introducing Geohacking. Geohacking is when you rent out your primary residence while you travel to a cheaper cost-of-living part of the world. Justin and his fiancé Leslie just recently spent a week … Read more

Insurance – Breaking Down the Basics | Sa El (Replay)

In today’s episode, Cody and Justin are joined by the insurance guru from Simply Insurance, Sa El. Sa El got started after a tragedy in the family and is now trying to make sure that never has to happen to anyone else. In this episode, we cover every type of personal insurance: Health Dental Life … Read more

Relationships and Financial Independence

A financially independent life sounds pretty amazing, but do you want to spend it alone? Most people want time to spend with their loved ones, and none more than their life partner. Maybe you already have yours, or maybe you’ve never even considered how this would change your path. Either way, today’s episode is for … Read more

Saving Money Without Sacrificing Life | Joel & Matt (Replay)

Our favorite part of the financial independence community is just that, the community. And no one embodies the principle of community better than Matt and Joel. They are also the dynamic duo behind HowToMoney and the How to Money Podcast. We’re such huge fans of these guys that we decided to dig into the archives and … Read more

Real Estate in 2024 | Scott Trench

Scott Trench and the folks at BiggerPockets have made real estate investing much more approachable for a massive amount of people. They’ve truly built a holistic empire of real estate education. And while we’ve had Scott on the show before, it was a few years ago, and a lot can change in a few years. … Read more

Your Worst Case Scenario | Joel from FI 180 (Replay)

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a potentially life-altering event to step back and reevaluate your life. For our guest Joel, it was a potentially fatal car crash that his wife was involved in. Luckily she was okay! But it was certainly a wake-up call. After much reflection, they figured out what they truly valued and cut … Read more

Knowing THIS is The Key To FI

What is that one thing you know would make you happy? The problem with that answer, is that often what we know turns out not to be true. We often think we need more (time, things, square footage, vacations, etc). In reality, what we need to be happy is already within reach, the real problem … Read more

Frugal Adventures, Getting Creative, and FI Without Sacrifice | Sean & Alex

Can you really pursue financial independence at a young age and still live an exciting life? Frivolous hobbies have to take a back seat right? Sean and Alex are living proof that you can indeed build a life full in both riches of money and experience. Justin got introduced to Sean and Alex when they … Read more