Diversification, Inflation, and The Economy | Marko Zlatic

Today, we’re lucky enough to bring you Marko Zlatic from WhiteBoard Finance. Marko grew up in a middle-class household raised by immigrant parents and is completely self-taught when it comes to money, investing, and financial literacy. His investing journey began when he started flipping Pokemon cards and selling mixtape CDs as a kid. He then … Read more

Making Over $1 Million with One Property | Patrick McGrath

Patrick McGrath, one half of the dynamic duo known as The Rental Property Couple, is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and co-host of the popular podcast, The Real FI Podcast. Alongside his partner,┬áPatrick has built an impressive rental property portfolio in just 5 years that totals over $5M. He began his portfolio with a … Read more

The House Buying Checklist (What We Wish We Knew)

We’ve interviewed countless people on buying real estate, but that didn’t mean we were prepared when we purchased our first properties. The reality is that people who have purchased a lot of real estate tend to skip past some of those tiny details. This episode is meant to slow down and cover all those details … Read more

Avoiding Financial Disaster from Divorce | Tracy Coenen

If you find yourself in the unfortunate reality that your marriage isn’t going to work out, do you know how to ensure you’ll exit the relationship fairly from a financial perspective? Or maybe you want some tools to help you avoid this situation in the first place. In this episode, Tracy Coenen, author of Find … Read more

Building, Buying, and Selling Websites | Chelsea Clarke

We say web address but why don’t we think about sites more like physical addresses we might own in a real estate portfolio? Chelsea Clarke joins us today to show us just how powerful digital real estate can be (aka websites). Back in 2012, Chelsea was laid off from her corporate marketing job unexpectedly. This … Read more

Building Wealth on a Dime | Kimberly Hamilton

How do you map out your path to financial independence? And how can you find a persona you resonate with to mimic? Kimberly joins us today to provide answers to both of those questions. She created Beworth Finance and wrote Building Wealth on a Dime, to help empower everyone to find financial independence even if … Read more

$100 on Groceries … Per Month

Spending too much on groceries each month? In this episode, Cody interviews Justin about his $107/mo grocery bill. For many years this number floated closer to $70, but with inflation and a larger focus on getting in great physical shape, that number has grown but is still insanely low. And not only do we cover … Read more

Roth vs. Traditional | Cody Garrett

Roth vs Traditional is one of the oldest arguments in the financial independence space. Today we’re settling the debate! The reality is that there is no “right” answer but there is a right answer for you. Cody Garrett brings his expertise to help you decide which one fits your path. He is a fee-based financial … Read more

Increasing Income to Reach Financial Freedom Faster | Tyler Wright

There’s no doubt that being efficient with your expenses is a huge part of your journey to financial independence. However, maybe we focus a little too much time there and not enough time on increasing our income. That’s exactly what Tyler Wright from Defining Wealth believes. And Tyler has some first-hand experience in doing just … Read more

Teaching Kids About Money | Clifton Corbin

We can all agree that the earlier you learn about personal finance, the better off you’ll be. That’s exactly why Clifton Corbin wrote Your Children, Their Money. He’s trying to set the next generation up for financial success. Clifton wasn’t always financially savvy though. At one point he found himself deep into debt, and it … Read more