Tax Strategies for High Earners | Ryan Bakke

Everyone loves seeing their hard-earned money dwindle away to the tax man right? Obviously not! The most powerful techniques generally come to business owners and real estate investors. Ryan Blakke, from Learn Like a CPA, is an expert in these techniques. He’s seen hundreds of returns that individuals did themselves…and only 1 who actually did … Read more

Stats That Will Shock You (Thanksgiving Edition)

It’s Thanksgiving and we’ve got so much to be thankful for. We kick off the episode with some shocking stats that show just how privileged we all are to be seeking financial independence in the first place. Stats across the world such as Average income Average net worth Average daily spending How many people own … Read more

Multimillionaire in 4 Years with This Strategy | Jaren Sustar

Many people feel like a lack of capital and insider information for good deals is keeping them from starting their real estate journey. But what if you could just use someone else’s money? And what if you could find deals directly on the MLS? Jaren, aka Finance Cowboy, is doing just that. He’s not trying … Read more

Financial Freedom Through Blackjack (Replay) | Colin Jones

Today, we’re re-airing a fan favorite from 2019. Colin Jones was a substitute math teacher and a friend had given him a book on card counting. Once the friend was making $80/hr, Colin decided he should give it a try. To get started, he took $2k of the $6k that he and his wife had … Read more

He Bought a House for $5,000

Real estate prices are out of control… right? In today’s episode, you’ll hear how Justin bought a house for just $5,000. No, that’s not a typo, $5K! The craziest thing is that the place is in decent condition: Single level Concrete foundation Simplest roof possible No interior water damage This house is a big project, … Read more

Frugal vs. Cheap (Replay) | Jen Smith

Today, we’re re-airing a popular episode from 2019 on frugal vs. cheap with Jen Smith, co-host of the Frugal Friends Podcast. In the beginning, Jen and her husband find themselves in $78k of total debt. They didn’t have a ton of income, so Jen tried to add on three side hustles on top of her … Read more

Growing the Gap (Replay) | Paula Pant

Today, we’re re-airing one of our most popular episodes from early 2019. Paula Pant is always conducting great interviews herself but today she’s the one answering questions. She walks us through her amazing story of only three traditional years of employment, traveling the world, and the steps she took to secure her financial independence. There … Read more

Co-Living, Martial Arts, and Early Entrepreneurship | Sam Wegert

Can you imagine owning a full-fledged brick-and-mortar business at age 15? That’s exactly the position Sam Wegert found himself in. Sam was homeschooled with his seven siblings which allowed them to all focus on what they were best at. At 15 years old, with a loan of $15,000 from his parents, he purchased his first … Read more

How This Mailman Retired at 27 (Replay) | Jimmy Ridenhour

In today’s episode, Cody and Justin bring you back to one of our favorite episodes ever! This is the story of Jimmy Ridenhour who, unlike most of our guests, has no blog, book, or podcast. This was actually Jimmy’s first interview ever. That doesn’t mean his story isn’t remarkable. Jimmy’s story starts out with a … Read more

The Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor | Chad Carson

The goal for real estate is to generate as much cash flow as possible and/or own as many doors as possible right? What if you realized the real goal is just to generate enough income to satisfy your desired lifestyle? That may seem obvious, but too often investors fixate on a high score instead of … Read more