Maximizing Relationships by Playing Well with Others | Eric Barker

Today’s episode features Eric Barker, author of “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” and “Plays Well with Others” In Eric’s first book, he scientifically stress-tests the maxims we’ve all been told about success to uncover the surprising answers we need to live a meaningful life. Now in the follow-up to this bestseller, he’s doing it again … Read more

Leaving Your Career to Start a Personal Brand (Budgetdog) | Brennan Schlagbaum

Today’s episode features Brennan Schlagbaum from Budgetdog. Brennan found himself married at 24 with a combined debt of $300k. He had a great career as a CPA but felt smothered by the weight of their debt. In just a few short years Brennan had paid off all that debt, paid off his house, and even … Read more

How to Level Up in Your Career

In this episode, Cody interviews Justin on how he has navigated corporate moves both internally and externally. We’ll talk about how you can find those better opportunities from an inbound and outbound method. These can be within your current company or swapping companies altogether. A big piece of this is filtering and comparing opportunities. In … Read more

How Will Crypto Shape the Future? | Eric Rosenberg

Today’s episode features Eric Rosenburg from Personal Profitability (again!). Eric is a prolific writer and speaker across all finance topics, but today our main focus is solely on cryptocurrency. We already covered the intro to crypto with Eric back in episode 163, so now it’s time to go deeper! In this episode, we discuss mining, … Read more

Why Does The Stock Market Go Up? | Brian Feroldi

Today’s episode features Brian Feroldi, author of Why Does the Stock Market Go Up? In this episode, we get a chance to dig into the basics of stocks and investing. Why do companies split their shares? What are shares really? What happens when a company buys back stock? And the most important question: Why does … Read more

An App for Tracking Financial Independence? | Logan Leckie from Topia

Today’s episode features Logan Leckie, creator of Topia, The Financial Independence App. Logan saw a void in the app marketplace when it came to an all-encompassing app that could guide you through your entire journey to FI. The app also comes with a built-in community to encourage and guide you through the various stages of … Read more

The Wealth of Connection | Vincent Pugliese

Today’s episode features Vincent Pugliese, author of The Wealth of Connection. But really when I think of Vincent, I think of a master networker and amazing storyteller. Vincent walks us through how he went from a guy with a camera standing outside of a stadium to taking some of the most iconic pictures of some … Read more

Tipped Finance | Barbara Sloan

Today’s episode features Barbara Sloan, Author of Tipped. Tipped focuses on personal finance for anyone in the “tipped” industry. The tipped industry includes waitresses, bartenders, hairdressers, cosmetologists, dancers, etc. Barbara spent a lengthy career in the tipped industry. After she became passionate about personal finance, she realized there was a huge information gap for tipped … Read more

How Far We’ve Come

In this episode, Justin & Cody take a look back on what all has changed in their lives since the show started back in October 2018. It’s hard to believe that the show has been going for so long but there’s no sign of slowing down. In 2018: Justin was still in the Air Force … Read more

The Basics of Cryptocurrency | Eric Rosenburg

Today’s episode features Eric Rosenburg from Personal Profitability. Eric is a prolific writer and speaker across all finance topics, but today our main focus is solely on cryptocurrency. What is the real potential of cryptocurrency? Is it just a risky investment with no utility? Which coins should you keep an eye out for? What are … Read more