Saving 90% With International Geoarbitrage | Amy Minkley

Imagine living around the globe while saving up to 90% of your income. That’s exactly what Amy Minkley has been able to accomplish. In this episode you’ll also get the following highlights: How Amy used geoarbitage to create a 90% savings rate in Asia Real numbers behind her success How to overcome the fear of … Read more

Why You CAN Retire Early (Dispelling The Top 10 Myths)

In this episode, Cody and Justin rip apart an article detailing The Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Retire Early. The topics included: Expensive Healthcare Accessing nest egg early Missing out on compounding interest Living a long time Expenses going up in retirement Rising housing costs Extra income is hard to come by Too much … Read more

Media Features & Getting to “Yes” | Lauren Cobello

Ever wonder how someone ends up being the resident expert on something like The Today Show? That’s where today’s guest, Lauren Cobello comes in. Lauren struggled with money at first. She even had her car REPO’d at one point. It makes sense why she would later write a book titled “The Recovering Spender“. In the … Read more

Putting In Your Two Weeks Notice | Amy Porterfield

Ever dreamt of leaving corporate America to build your own business? That’s where today’s guest, Amy Porterfield, author of Two Weeks Notice comes in. Amy put in her 2-weeks notice in 2009 and the rest is history. She didn’t hate her job, but she just felt that there was “something else” out there. And so … Read more

Airbnb Arbitrage (Earning STR Income Without Owning) | Jorge Contreras

What if you could earn money from Airbnb without even owning a property? That’s where today’s guest, Jorge Contreras comes in. Jorge is an expert in Airbnb arbitrage, a way to earn short-term rental income without actually owning any real estate. After facing many challenges throughout his childhood (selling drugs, murder, alcoholism, smuggling), Jorge was … Read more

Accountant Turned Content Creator Who Retired from Corporate at Age 25 | John E Finance

John E Finance

Today’s episode features John Eringman a.k.a John E Finance who left his accounting job at age 25 to pursue content creation full-time. From the beginning, John was doing everything “right”. He got good grades, landed an accounting job, and was saving a decent % of his income. But John knew that something was missing. As … Read more

2023 Goals and Strategies

In this episode, Cody and Justin share their goals and strategies for 2023. The goals were loosely broken into a few groups. Finance Justin: Hitting $2k/month from covered calls, eliminating car payment, covering half of the mortgage via Airbnb & Turo Cody: Solo 401K, tax optimization through real estate, syndications, angel investing, spending more on … Read more

How to Start a Business (And Make It Successful) | Graham Cochrane

Today’s episode features Graham Cochrane from and Recording Revolution. Graham can now proudly say he’s running some incredibly profitable businesses… but it hasn’t always been that way. After moving to Florida in 2009 with his wife to help a friend start a church, he got laid off from his new job. Trying to find … Read more

How The Internet Really Works | Larry Ludwig

Today’s episode features Larry Ludwig who created and sold Investor Junkie for $6M back in 2018. Larry has had a long, successful business and entrepreneurial career. He has always been at the forefront of technology, digital marketing, and online business since he started working on the internet in 1994. Since then, he’s created websites for … Read more

$135,000 per Month in Passive Income | Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose

Today’s episode features Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents. Jeff began his adult life as a Veteran who transitioned into civilian life as a Certified Financial Planner. He began working for a firm but found himself questioning the ethics of his compensation. This ultimately nudged him toward entrepreneurship where he started creating personal finance content … Read more