Fire the Haters and Create Content Online | Jillian Johnsrud

Today’s episode features Jillian Johnsrud, author of Fire The Haters. We actually featured Jillian once prior on our show in Episode 68. In that episode, we cover Jillian’s background (quick recap below): Jillian got married at age 19 She saw from an early age that money gave you options They started off their marriage with … Read more

How to Prepare for a Recession

In this episode, Cody and Justin talk about something many listening to the show have never had to navigate until now. We’re talking Recessions and Bear Markets. Should your investment strategy change? Is there anything you can do to lessen the blow? How do inflation and rising mortgage rates factor in? Could this actually be … Read more

Putting Businesses on Autopilot | Ryan Pineda

Today’s episode features Ryan Pineda, a serial entrepreneur who runs six 7-8 figure businesses. For most of Ryan’s life, he was sure that he’d be a professional baseball player. And for a while, Ryan was right. But after years in AAA and professional baseball, Ryan finally gave up on that dream. Along the way, he … Read more

From YouTube to an 8-Figure Business | Aleric Heck

Today’s episode features Aleric Heck, the creator of Ad Outreach. It all began when 12-year-old Aleric started making YouTube videos in 2009 with a camcorder. At that time, he was just reviewing mobile apps but even that would go on to make $120k per year in 2015. Aleric didn’t stop with just an app review … Read more

Investing in Water | Riggs Eckelberry

Today’s episode features Riggs Eckelberry, the CEO of Origin Clear. Riggs grew up the son of an international businessman. He also had a natural draw towards making the world a better place and joined a Non-profit right out of high school. Then in the early 80s, he followed his passion for technology and started his … Read more

Wealth on The Beach | Daniel Alonzo

Today’s episode features Daniel Alonzo who is a coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, and author of Wealth on the Beach. He brings his messaging of creating a better life and financial independence to a massive social media following and speaks in front of hundreds and thousands of people a year. Daniel Alonzo knew he wanted to … Read more

Passive Income through Real Estate & Digital Products | Sharon Tseung and Sean Pan

Today’s episode features Sharon Tseung and Sean Pan. Sharon Tseung runs Digtial Nomad Quest. She went from $30k/year to millionaire by 30, and owns 32 rental units and several passive income businesses. Sharon quit her job, has been traveling the world for 2 years,  and all this while building passive income as a digital nomad. … Read more

Building a 7+ Figure Coaching Business | Emily Williams

Today’s episode features Emily Williams from I Heart My Life. Emily was going down a path that so many others do — following a typical career path and heading to graduate school. She was on her way but never made it. Literally. Emily just turned the car around with no real plan. It took a … Read more

Over $100K a Day Teaching Microsoft Excel | Kat Norton

Today’s episode features Kat Norton aka Miss Excel. Kat is taking the world by storm with her 800k+ Tik Tok followers, 600k+ Instagram followers, and LinkedIn learning viewers. It doesn’t just stop with the freebies though, Kat has earned over $100k in a single day (not a typo!) She does this all by educating the … Read more

Maximizing Relationships by Playing Well with Others | Eric Barker

Today’s episode features Eric Barker, author of “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” and “Plays Well with Others” In Eric’s first book, he scientifically stress-tests the maxims we’ve all been told about success to uncover the surprising answers we need to live a meaningful life. Now in the follow-up to this bestseller, he’s doing it again … Read more