Traveling the World Full-Time | Jess Wang

Jess Wang

What does it cost to travel the world full-time? $250,000? $100,000? $50,000? Jess Wang has been traveling ever since she quit her job in 2019 and has now visited a total of 64 countries (with a mission of reaching 100 within the next two years). In this episode, she breaks down: How she set herself … Read more

How Cody Reached FI at 25 | Action Academy

Cody Action Academy

This episode is an interview with Cody from October 2022 on the Action Academy Podcast where he explains how he reached FI at 25 and built a 7-figure business. If you enjoyed it, please share this episode with a friend! Links From the Episode Action Academy Podcast Join the Community We’d love to hear your … Read more

How They Retired at 27 & 28 (Replay) | James and Emily Lowery

James and Emily Lowery

Retiring early is certainly not a race, but the guests we have today are one of the fastest we’ve ever seen to do it. James and Emily retired in less than 2 years from the day they began making moves towards early retirement. They both had frugal habits with James coming from an especially low-income … Read more

Building a Personal Brand While Working Full Time | Marcus Garrett

Today’s episode features Marcus Garrett, Author of D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying. Marcus found himself under a mound of debt and living paycheck to paycheck for years. After hitting rock bottom, he embraced budgeting and rebuilt his credit score on the way to financial freedom. Now, Marcus is both building a personal brand and holding … Read more

Learning How to Stack Benjamins | Joe Saul-Sehy

Today’s episode features Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins. Before creating a massively popular podcast, Joe made a lot of money mistakes. This all came to a clash when he was working as a financial advisor, owned his own business, and still could barely get the money to get home. Now Joe is bringing finances into … Read more

Fueling Your Body for Maximum Performance | Erica Ballard

Today’s episode features Erica Ballard from Erica Ballard Health. At first, Erica struggled with her self image and finding out what “healthy” really meant. Through experimentation and education, she unlocked how to really help others achieve their peak health. Now she’s helping others and educating the world on what real health is. Listen, learn, and … Read more

Regenerative Agriculture Meets Personal Finance | Eddy Garcia & Sam Schiebold

Today’s episode features the most resourceful guests ever, Eddy Garcia & Sam Schiebold from Living Earth Systems. Eddy and Sam bring a wealth of information on how to re-think how we feed ourselves. From living on the land to growing tonnage of produce and feeding 20 people from a tiny parking lot. They are on … Read more

From FatFIRE to LeanFIRE in a Month | Robert from Stop Ironing Shirts

Today’s episode features Robert from Stop Ironing Shirts. Robert worked his way up the sales career path. Then in 2019, he retired with over 28x his annual expenses. Fast forward to today and he saw that shrink to 18x his expenses. People often always wonder what it would be like if they retired just before … Read more

Cutting Expenses After Beating the Income Game | Dustin Mathews from WealthFit

Today’s episode features Dustin Mathews from WealthFit. Dustin worked for and built several businesses. Some of these businesses had huge incomes and expenses but Dustin found himself without a ton to show for it. Then Dustin discovers FI and starts radically changing how he lived and starts spreading financial advice himself. Listen, learn, and let … Read more

Realizing the Positives During Negative Times

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from your hosts only. Hopefully, you find some comfort in today’s episode during this uncertain time. This episode is covering the Coronavirus, how it impacts us mentally, physically, and financially even if we’re lucky enough to avoid getting sick. These are certainly tough times but we hope there are some … Read more