Building a Loyal Audience and Moving Online | Genecia Alluora from Soul Rich Woman

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Today’s episode features Genecia who is the creator of Soul Rich Woman.

Genecia’s main goal is to empower women business owners to go from offline to online.

She’s proven this over her career with millions in revenue and is sharing that with the 200k+ members of Soul Rich Woman.

You won’t want to miss all her advice, especially around the love of F words.

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode.

Episode Summary

Genecia’s Background

  • At 18 she started with a simple thought of making more in a single hour
  • She was going to school, working, and teaching as a yoga/dance instructor
  • So she decided to build a group of instructors were she made a commission off them
  • Genecia attributes her success to  resourcefulness and the people she surrounded herself with
  • After college, she entered a traditional job in a hospital helping children with learning issues
  • She realized that she was making way less in a 9-5 than working for herself in college
  • Then she transitioned to consulting

Offline to Online

  • In 2013 she transitioned from working offline to online
  • She made $100k in 3 months
  • And $1 Million within a year
  • Then she invested in a cafe retail chain

Helping other Women go Online

  • The group started just as “Webinar Wednesdays”
  • And in the beginning, there was no traffic
  • But she stuck with it and started advertising on Facebook
  • In the group, she helps instill a growth mindset
  • The group she started is called “Soul Rich Woman”
  • The group is over 200k strong!
  • She talks about women who love “F words”
    • Fabulous, freedom, financial independence, family
  • This education and community is available as an annual or monthly service
  • Genecia also really focuses on marketing and helping businesses get repeat business

Where to focus first

  • She says to work on your business, not in your business
  • This means outsourcing tedious work so you can focus on growth
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Love the customers first and then create what is good for them
  • Genecia walks us through a case study of a fitness instructor going online


Key Takeaways

  1. Get Sticky: Genecia talks about retaining customers by always providing value, this makes them come back for more, aka sticky
  2. Leverage the internet: The internet is a force multiplier for not only finding customers but also to augment with employees

Call to Action

Grab $50 and outsource something that is draining you of your time so you can be more productive in areas that really matter

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