Building Wealth on a Dime | Kimberly Hamilton

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How do you map out your path to financial independence?

And how can you find a persona you resonate with to mimic?

Kimberly joins us today to provide answers to both of those questions.

She created Beworth Finance and wrote Building Wealth on a Dime, to help empower everyone to find financial independence even if they’re starting small.

Kimberly hasn’t always had her money figured out though.

She moved to Washington, DC making $15/hour in 2012 and more student debt than she made in an entire year.

This led to a lot of time being stressed about money.

But through that process, she perfected a system that allowed her to pay off over $45,000 worth of student debt in three years, double her income in four, and buy her first home, before her 30th birthday, in five.

Fast forward to today, and she’s currently on track to be work-optional by age 45.

Grab the link to her book below where you can learn things like:

  • Six million-dollar habits
  • Money mindset
  • Building a budget
  • Tackling debt
  • Investing
  • Renting vs buying
  • and much more

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