Can You Believe This Happened? 2022 Reflection

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In this episode, Cody and Justin reflect on 2022 and all of the changes that have happened.

Cody utilized a vision board going into the year… and Justin was a bit less planned, but both guys came away with some amazing updates and insights.

Some topics included:

  • Justin found a lot more purpose and happiness with work
  • Cody more than tripled revenue in his main business, Gold City Ventures
  • Justin increased his salary by 23.5%
  • Cody launched 2 Airbnbs and is flipping his first property
  • Both guys did a ton of traveling
  • Both guys put a lot of time and energy into their relationships and friendships
  • Justin started focusing a lot on physical health (working out, dieting, and mostly eliminating alcohol).
  • Cody found a great charity program called Givewell and now donates $1k per month to various causes

There’s a ton the guys go over in this episode and also a proposition at the end of the episode.

They’d love to highlight listeners who want their opinion or advice on their current situation.

Just a few small tweaks could reduce your time to retirement by several years.

We just actually published a poll in the Facebook Group if you’d like to participate.

And as always, thank you for listening. The show wouldn’t exist without you.

2022 was a great year for The Financial Independence Show and we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store.

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