10 Money Tips for 2019

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from just your Hosts! That’s right no guests to save the day. As a reminder, Justin chronicles his life at Saving-Sherpa.com and Cody writes at FlytoFI.com In today’s episode, the guys tackle 10 financial tips they always hear and give their take on what’s true. Hopefully, you enjoy this special … Read more

Managing Monthly Expenses with Cody & Justin

Managing Monthly Expenses with Cody & Justin

In today’s episode, Cody and Justin take you on a behind the scenes tour of their monthly budgets. For some context, Cody is 23 and moving to Boston in September and Justin is 29 living in Boston with his girlfriend. Neither of them has kids. It’s also important to note that despite their low monthly … Read more

Is Side Hustling Right for You? (+Sneak Peek into Side Hustle Courses)

Gold City Ventures Side Hustle Course

In today’s episode, Cody and Justin are joined by a third co-host! J from FIRE Drill Podcast / Millennial Boss. The three discuss their experiences with side hustling and also talk about the new Side Hustle Courses that Cody and Julie (J) are launching. There are also testimonials from several side hustlers who just recently … Read more

Christmas Thoughts, 2018 Reflection, 2019 Goals

We have an extra special gift for you today that requires no wrapping paper. This Holiday special Justin and Cody go at it alone with no guest to discuss their perspectives on materialistic Christmas, a brief recap of 2018 and their goals for 2019. We think you’ll really enjoy getting to hear a little more … Read more

Goodbye FIRE Below Zero, Hello To The FI Show

The FI Show Logo

This is the biggest news we’ve shared with you up to date! Unfortunately, TJ had to step away from FIRE Below Zero for family reasons, but the show goes on! Cody has teamed up with Justin aka the Saving Sherpa, to present to you … The FI Show! We are so excited to move forward with … Read more

008 | The Low-Hanging Fruits of FI

The Low-Hanging Fruits of FI

In this week’s episode, Cody and TJ discuss the low-hanging fruits of FI. These are the changes you can make in your life today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and so on that can drastically improve your financial position. Tune in and get ready to pick these low-hanging fruits! Episode Summary Housing: Makes … Read more

002 | There’s No FI Without Purpose

There's No FI Without Purpose

What FIRE Means to Us Cody and TJ share their biggest reasons for pursuing financial independence. On their path, they’ve learned that money is just a tool, and it should not control your life. This concept simply allows you to buy your time back. It allows you take back control of your future, and focus … Read more

001 | Lighting the FIRE

Lighting the F.I.R.E.

What exactly is FIRE? Financial independence, retire early. Financial independence is based on the 4% rule which was formulated from the Trinity study, the idea is that if you can survive comfortably at a 4% withdrawal rate from your nest egg (invested assets), provided that the assets were invested in low-cost index funds, you essentially … Read more