How This Mailman Retired at 27 | Jimmy Ridenhour

In today’s episode, Cody and Justin bring you back to one of our favorite episodes ever! This is the story of Jimmy Ridenhour who, unlike most of our guests, has no blog, book, or podcast. This was actually Jimmy’s first interview ever. That doesn’t mean his story isn’t remarkable. Jimmy’s story starts out with a … Read more

The Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor | Chad Carson

The goal for real estate is to generate as much cash flow as possible and/or own as many doors as possible right? What if you realized the real goal is just to generate enough income to satisfy your desired lifestyle? That may seem obvious, but too often investors fixate on a high score instead of … Read more

Working 6 Months & Making 7 Figures | Jon Farber

Can you really retire at 27? That’s what Jon Farber is here to talk us through today.  He was able to achieve financial freedom at 27 and leave his tech sales job via real estate. He started with house hacking, and then eventually scaled up to include a portfolio of long-term rentals and short-term rentals. He’s … Read more

Private Lending (How She Raised $5M+ from Social Media) | Soli Cayetano

Soli Cayetano

If you want to make it big in real estate you need some sort of advantage, right? A big social media following, experience, connections… something. Our guest today, Soli Cayetano from Lattes and Leases, will show you how that couldn’t be further from the truth. In 2020, Soli was a senior in college trying to … Read more

How They Retired at 27 & 28 (Replay) | James and Emily Lowery

James and Emily Lowery

Retiring early is certainly not a race, but the guests we have today are one of the fastest we’ve ever seen to do it. James and Emily retired in less than 2 years from the day they began making moves towards early retirement. They both had frugal habits with James coming from an especially low-income … Read more

Mindset, Manifestation, and Your Why of FI | Adam Coelho

You can learn the mechanics and math needed to reach financial independence in a couple of weeks. The math is intimidating to so many people but it’s not the math that keeps most people from reaching their goals. It’s their mindset. That’s where Adam Coelho’s expertise comes in. Adam Coelho is the host of The … Read more

Choosing FI | Brad Barrett

We like to think we put out some of the best financial independence content for you as a podcast listener. But it’s hard to argue that Brad Barrett has influenced more podcast listeners than just about anyone else in the financial independence space. Brad is the host of the wildly successful podcast, ChooseFI. ChooseFI has … Read more

Millionaire in 9 Months through Wholesaling Real Estate | Mike DeHaan

Mike DeHaan

Buying a home and then flipping it or renting it isn’t the only way to be a real estate investor. What if you could just find incredible deals on homes and then line up a buyer looking for a good deal to flip or buy? That’s exactly what Mike DeHaan from the Collecting Keys podcast … Read more

Digitization, Banking, and the World Economy | Emmanuel Daniel

We typically focus a lot on the micro (saving, earning, and investing), but today, we’re talking all about the macro. Emmanuel Daniel is a Singapore-based entrepreneur, writer and global thought leader in finance. He was listed as a top 10 global influencer in the “Fintech Power 50” list for 2021 and 2022. In simple terms… … Read more

50+ Failed Business and The Art of Dabbling | Pete McPherson

Do you know deep down, what you’re doing isn’t what you’re meant to be doing? That was Pete McPherson’s situation. As Pete would put it, he used to be a boring accountant, complete with a CPA license, years of corporate experience, a fantastic salary–and pretty much the rest of the “American Dream”. But he decided … Read more