Saving Money Without Sacrificing Life | Joel & Matt (Replay)

Our favorite part of the financial independence community is just that, the community. And no one embodies the principle of community better than Matt and Joel. They are also the dynamic duo behind HowToMoney¬†and the How to Money Podcast. We’re such huge fans of these guys that we decided to dig into the archives and … Read more

Real Estate in 2024 | Scott Trench

Scott Trench and the folks at BiggerPockets have made real estate investing much more approachable for a massive amount of people. They’ve truly built a holistic empire of real estate education. And while we’ve had Scott on the show before, it was a few years ago, and a lot can change in a few years. … Read more

How He Bought 62 Units with $0 of His Own Money | Mason Miranda

Mason Miranda

When it comes to networking, Mason Miranda is world-class. Within his first year of investing in real estate, he was able to purchase 62 units… with none of his own money. Tune in to hear the tactics and strategies he used to pull this off. And as always, if you enjoyed it, please share this … Read more

Your Worst Case Scenario | Joel from FI 180 (Replay)

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a potentially life-altering event to step back and reevaluate your life. For our guest Joel, it was a potentially fatal car crash that his wife was involved in. Luckily she was okay! But it was certainly a wake-up call. After much reflection, they figured out what they truly valued and cut … Read more

Tax Strategies for Financial Freedom | Wealthy Accountant (Replay)

Wealthy Accountant Replay

When your goal is financial freedom, your tax strategies may look a bit different than the average Joe or Jane. In this episode with Keith from the Wealthy Accountant (originally aired in 2019), we dive into some of the best tax strategies for the FIRE community and how you can benefit. If you enjoyed this … Read more

Frugal Adventures, Getting Creative, and FI Without Sacrifice | Sean & Alex

Can you really pursue financial independence at a young age and still live an exciting life? Frivolous hobbies have to take a back seat right? Sean and Alex are living proof that you can indeed build a life full in both riches of money and experience. Justin got introduced to Sean and Alex when they … Read more

Our Biggest Money Mistakes

We’re money experts and would never fall for a financial trap right? Not exactly… Over the course of our lives, we’ve made some pretty bad money moves. It is scary to think about how much more money we could have had at age 65 if we hadn’t blown that money. But we’re all human, and … Read more

How Justin Hit FI at 30 | Fit Rich Life

This episode is a re-air of the Fit Rich Life Podcast episode which explores Justin Taylor’s journey of utilizing creativity and determination to accumulate freedom-giving wealth. Get a step-by-step breakdown of just how he reached financial independence at age 30. In this episode, you will learn about: Using Adversity as Fuel to Pursue Higher Education … Read more

Traveling the World Full-Time | Jess Wang

Jess Wang

What does it cost to travel the world full-time? $250,000? $100,000? $50,000? Jess Wang has been traveling ever since she quit her job in 2019 and has now visited a total of 64 countries (with a mission of reaching 100 within the next two years). In this episode, she breaks down: How she set herself … Read more

From Unhappy Lawyer to 8-Figure CEO | Rachel Rodgers

Becoming a very successful lawyer and pulling in almost 7-figures sounds like the ultimate dream for many. But for Rachel Rodgers, that was just the beginning. The real beginnings for Rachel started in New York without a lot of money or money talks. Rachel was exposed to how the other half lived though, and that … Read more