Lean FIRE, Geoarbitrage, and Flexibility | Eric Richard

Today’s episode features Eric Richard from Nomad on FIRE. Eric worked his way into a lucrative corporate job in supply chain management, but with that came long hours and a terrible commute. He admits that frugality didn’t come naturally to him but he saw how work was destroying his happiness and health so he took … Read more

Finding Your Work-Life Balance | J.Money

Today’s episode features one of the original personal finance bloggers, J.Money! Whether it was Budgets are Sexy, Rockstar Finance, or now All Star Money, J.Money has been inspiring readers and spreading the best finance content for over a decade. You may recognize the mohawk, but for us, it’s the transparency and giving spirit that stands … Read more

From Homeless at 19 to Finding Success through Passion | Anthony ONeal

Today’s episode features Anthony ONeal from “The Table” podcast and author of Debt Free Degree. Anthony has an incredible story of loss and triumph. He hit bottom as he lost everything and ending up homeless at age 19 while trying to figure out how to get through college. Anthony turned his life around and would … Read more

From Corporate America to a Food Truck CEO | Brent Gargasz

Today’s episode features Brent from Farm Fired Pizza aka the “Food Truck CEO”. Brent runs an amazing food trailer with a wood fire pizza oven creating some of the best-looking pizzas you’ll ever see. Brent didn’t go to culinary school or come from a cooking background. In fact, he was a highly successful nurse who … Read more

Building an 8-Figure VA Business in the Philippines | John Jonas

Today’s episode features John Jonas from OnlineJobs.ph which is an impressive online marketplace that matches online workers from the Philippines with business owners from around the world. With over 1 million resumes on the platform, the website is ever-growing and constantly refining its matching capabilities. Virtual assistants, developers, video editors…the options are endless for filling … Read more

How to Adult Your Personal Finances | Jake Cousineau

Today’s episode features Jake Cousineau soon to be Author of  How to Adult: Personal Finance for the Real World. You might even recognize Jake from his $50k Wheel of Fortune payday! Jake is now hoping to increase the odds of winning at life for young adults across the country. We talk to Jake about why … Read more

Setting Teens Up for Financial Independence | Dan Sheeks

Today’s episode features Dan Sheeks from Sheeks Freaks who has created a place for teens that are “obsessed” with making smart financial decisions. Dan is a teacher in Colorado and is really changing the lives of young people and giving them a place where they can feel normal sharing their financial interests. It’s obvious through … Read more

Shaping Failure and Tough Conversations | David Wood

Today’s episode features David Wood from Focus.ceo who has become one of the biggest life coaches and has helped 150k+ people. David spent over 20 years building a career as a consulting actuary for Fortune 100 companies. David helps high-performing entrepreneurs, executives and teams to identify and master their tough conversations, becoming the leaders they … Read more

Using Music Therapy to Reach New Heights | Marlys Woods

Today’s episode features Marlys Woods who created her own business, Get in Tune Music Therapy, where she uses music as a tool to help her clients reach new heights. Never heard of musical therapy? Neither had we but it’s very interesting. She pairs what she loves about music with psychology. The most common use case … Read more

Selling Everything and Moving to Panama | Jim White

Today’s episode features Jim White from Route to Retire. We’re continuing our series on geoarbitrage which is the act of purposefully moving to a location for monetary benefits such as lower cost of living or tax treatment. Jim and his family utilized a traditional corporate job to amass a nest egg large enough to retire … Read more