Resiliency, Networking, and Creating Your Own Path – July 2021 Roundup

In this roundup episode, the FI Show Guys talk about resiliency, creating your own unique path, and the power of networking. Our last three guests — Allegra Paris, Jennifer Magley, and Ryan Helms — all taught us that success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s through repeated hard work, embracing and learning from failure, and bringing the … Read more

Money = Flexibility & Options

In this roundup episode, the FI Show Guys talk about how FI has given them flexibility and freedom. Reflecting on the 4% rule, cashflow FI, and the levels of financial independence you hit along the way. Want more confidence in negotiations? How about less stress when something goes wrong? Maybe even to feel free enough … Read more

Real Estate Roundup | Our Experiences with Real Estate Investing

Today’s episode features your hosts Justin and Cody discussing Real Estate. They both had no idea how real estate was an investment because their parents lived in the same homes their entire life. It wasn’t an investment, it was just home. Fast forward and Cody starts finding profitable properties in Connecticut after he extends his … Read more

Transparency, Balance, and Telling Your Story

Today’s episode features your hosts Justin and Cody discussing authenticity and work-life balance. Both Cody and Justin are very open about their finances and love sharing both their failures and successes. Why? Because real stories give real inspiration. This is a crazy journey to suggest so having real data to back it up helps give … Read more

Should You Follow Your Passion?

Today’s episode features your hosts Justin and Cody discussing the art of following your passion. Justin still works a more typical corporate job while Cody took to entrepreneurship almost immediately. When you’re faced with the decision of which way to go, what do you do? In this episode, you’ll hear the hosts talk about their … Read more

Early Lessons in Personal Finance

Today’s episode features the hosts (Justin & Cody) who share their early lessons in personal finance. How did two guys from completely different backgrounds both get so inspired to retire early? Who influenced them? Stop by and listen to some quirky stories of how they came to be passionate about personal finance and some tips … Read more

Mindset and Financial Independence

Today’s episode is another one led by your awesome Co-hosts (Justin & Cody). The topic today is all about the mental part of our journeys to financial independence. Good and Bad. Depression, joy, grit, relaxing, purpose, people…this episode has it all. So take a moment and hear from the FI Show guys as they open … Read more

Geoarbitrage Case Studies | Diving into the Numbers with Cody & Justin

Today’s episode rounds out our series on utilizing your location as a tool to financial independence and is led by just thew of us hosts. You may hear this idea called geo-arbitrage. We wanted to pick two locations where we would actually like to take a test run of financial independence in a foreign country. … Read more

Healthcare 2020 Roundup | Listener Q&A and Personal Experience

Today’s episode features your two podcast hosts, Justin & Cody. The cover guest questions on topics like medical bill negotiations, pricing, plan types, coverage when traveling, and more. They also let listeners in on exactly how they get their coverage now, and for Justin, how he plans to manage this once he no longer has … Read more

100 Life Updates and The FI Show Evolution

Today’s episode features your very own hosts Justin from Saving-Sherpa and Cody from Fly to FI. We just wanted to celebrate our 100th episode! Both of us give you a rundown on all the big life events that have taken place this year. Cody bought three investment properties and Justin hit FI at age 30! … Read more