ETFs vs. Index Funds, Expense Ratios, and Investing Terms

Sometimes personal finance can just sound like a bunch of jargon. Today’s episode gives you all the foundational definitions you need to navigate your FI journey. We have episodes that dive deeper into some of these topics (linked below). But today is all about explaining the lingo you might hear on the show week to … Read more

Bad Personal Finance Takes (Part 1)

Bad Personal Finance Takes

The internet is a dangerous place. It’s full of amazing resources yet also some really bad advice. This is especially true in the realm of personal finance. TikTok has some of the most terrible and untrue statements about personal finance but Twitter (X) is always reliable right? Wrong. In this episode, we take you through … Read more

10 Money Tips for 2023 (Replay)

We’re hopping in the time machine and re-airing one of our most popular episodes. In this episode, we share our opinion on some of the biggest money topics. While this episode originally aired in 2019, our views have remained largely the same. These tips have helped us grow our combined net worth to over $3.5M! … Read more

Remote Work Strategies (for W2s and Entrepreneurs)

Many people want financial independence to do whatever they want, go wherever they want, and spend time with whomever they want. But too often in this pursuit, people run themselves into the ground trying to obtain this freedom as quickly as possible. What if you could see the world and work toward FI? Wouldn’t that … Read more

Skills: The Currency of the Future

You could lose your job, your business could fail, but even if your income drops to zero, there’s one thing you won’t lose: skills. In our last episode with Grant Sabatier, he said skills are the future currency and we couldn’t agree more. With a good mix of skills, you will both increase your earning … Read more

Entrepreneur vs. Employee Path to FI (Mad Fientist Replay)

Employee vs Entrepreneur

We (Cody and Justin) have both achieved financial independence through drastically different paths. This episode was a takeover episode for The Mad Fientist’s podcast where we break down the similarities and differences between an employee’s path (Justin) and an entrepreneur’s path (Cody) to FI! Highlights: Live-in flip vs. house hacking The sweet spot for buying … Read more

The House Buying Checklist (What We Wish We Knew)

We’ve interviewed countless people on buying real estate, but that didn’t mean we were prepared when we purchased our first properties. The reality is that people who have purchased a lot of real estate tend to skip past some of those tiny details. This episode is meant to slow down and cover all those details … Read more

$100 on Groceries … Per Month

Spending too much on groceries each month? In this episode, Cody interviews Justin about his $107/mo grocery bill. For many years this number floated closer to $70, but with inflation and a larger focus on getting in great physical shape, that number has grown but is still insanely low. And not only do we cover … Read more

Why You CAN Retire Early (Dispelling The Top 10 Myths)

In this episode, Cody and Justin rip apart an article detailing The Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Retire Early. The topics included: Expensive Healthcare Accessing nest egg early Missing out on compounding interest Living a long time Expenses going up in retirement Rising housing costs Extra income is hard to come by Too much … Read more

Can You Believe This Happened? 2022 Reflection

In this episode, Cody and Justin reflect on 2022 and all of the changes that have happened. Cody utilized a vision board going into the year… and Justin was a bit less planned, but both guys came away with some amazing updates and insights. Some topics included: Justin found a lot more purpose and happiness … Read more