Diversification, Inflation, and The Economy | Marko Zlatic

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Today, we’re lucky enough to bring you Marko Zlatic from WhiteBoard Finance.

Marko grew up in a middle-class household raised by immigrant parents and is completely self-taught when it comes to money, investing, and financial literacy.

His investing journey began when he started flipping Pokemon cards and selling mixtape CDs as a kid.

He then graduated to invest in stocks at 18 years old.

In December 2010, Marko graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and started working full-time.

After working in tech startups, commercial real estate, and publicly traded banks, he decided to start his YouTube channel, WhiteBoard Finance, in November 2017.

Marko walks us through his personal portfolio allocation, tips for building your own diversified portfolio, and lots of terrible advice to watch out for online.

He also gives us his take on the current state of the economy as well as his insights on how Bitcoin could factor into all of this.

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