Earning Over $350K on Fiverr (per year) | Alex Fasulo

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In today’s episode, Cody and Justin are joined by Alex Fasulo who is the queen of Fiverr.

This 26 year old makes insane money as a copywriter all online.

Alex came from a family of entrepreneurs but sought a job in politics or law.

After graduation, she found herself in a job she hated and quit soon after. Alex turned to a little site called Fiverr to start trying to earn money online.

Fast forward a while and she’d become a Fiverr pro who travels the world and makes over $350k per year risk-free.

Listen and read below to hear how she did this and how you can too.

Episode Summary

  • She really started paying attention to money after moving to NYC and being out of a job just a few weeks later
  • The job didn’t turn out to be at all what she was expecting
  • So she quit
  • She comes from an entrepreneur family
  • Her mom has done hand-painted clothes
  • Her dad has made board games
  • She went to school for political science and aspired to be a lawyer or politician
  • In the house, they were smart with money and savers
  • However, there wasn’t conversations on investing or anything more complicated
  • Before she quit her job she had been on a site that was still pretty small called Fiverr
  • After a few months, she started having some traction with it
  • Alex recalls the first day she ever made $100 in one day and felt like this could work
  • Then we start discussing how she grew her rates and found her value
  • After a year of taking things really seriously, she was earning around $32k
  • Alex talks about how important the review is during this growth stage
  • She said if you’re early on, it’s best to just create a new account if hit with a bad review
  • Now we unravel the origin of Fiverr Pro and how Alex’s earnings exploded
  • Alex was invited to a photoshoot for Fiverr and then told she was invited to this new program
  • The minimum rates would be four times what she was currently selling
  • Keep in mind that there’s no pro membership or risk to Alex
  • Eventually, she was making over $300k per year and money was piling up
  • We then discuss what Alex plans to do with all that money
  • Then we discuss the drawbacks like all the sitting, bad backs, and carpel tunnel
  • While the business is crazy successful for Alex, it isn’t really possible to scale further
  • Currently, Fiverr doesn’t have a team version but it may be in the future
  • Alex isn’t ready to leave Fiverr anytime soon because they bring her so many clients
  • Even though they take 20% of the profits, she doesn’t believe she could find the number of gigs
  • We then talk about some of her biggest or craziest deals including the royal family
  • She’s also starting other side hustles like converting horse trailers into mobile bars and ebooks

Key Takeaways

  1. Brace yourself for change: It was awesome to see how well Alex did with the change that happened when she found herself in a job she hated. We have to be ready for what life hands us and make the most of it.
  2. Income can be exponential: Much like investments, income can also grow exponentially as you build a reputation
  3. Online doesn’t mean easy: We often romanticize working online but it’s obvious Alex has put in countless hours to build her dream. Don’t expect easy money to just fall in the sky

Call to Action

Go browse Fiverr and look for inspiration to start selling your own gig!

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