Entrepreneur vs. Employee Path to FI (Mad Fientist Replay)

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We (Cody and Justin) have both achieved financial independence through drastically different paths.

This episode was a takeover episode for The Mad Fientist’s podcast where we break down the similarities and differences between an employee’s path (Justin) and an entrepreneur’s path (Cody) to FI!


  • Live-in flip vs. house hacking
  • The sweet spot for buying used cars
  • Why focusing on fixed expenses is important
  • How to 5x your corporate income
  • The unlimited upside of entrepreneurship
  • How to get started investing if you’re scared/nervous
  • Nest-egging vs. cash-flowing your way to financial independence
  • The benefits of a Solo-401(k) for entrepreneurs
  • Why the corporate world is great for certain types of people
  • Benefits and downsides of entrepreneurship
  • Why it’s important to not keep up with the FI Joneses either

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