How Justin Hit FI at 31 | Fit Rich Life

This episode is a re-air of the Fit Rich Life Podcast episode which explores Justin Taylor’s journey of utilizing creativity and determination to accumulate freedom-giving wealth. Get a step-by-step breakdown of just how he reached financial independence at age 30. In this episode, you will learn about: Using Adversity as Fuel to Pursue Higher Education … Read more

Traveling the World Full-Time | Jess Wang

Jess Wang

What does it cost to travel the world full-time? $250,000? $100,000? $50,000? Jess Wang has been traveling ever since she quit her job in 2019 and has now visited a total of 64 countries (with a mission of reaching 100 within the next two years). In this episode, she breaks down: How she set herself … Read more

From Unhappy Lawyer to 8-Figure CEO | Rachel Rodgers

Becoming a very successful lawyer and pulling in almost 7-figures sounds like the ultimate dream for many. But for Rachel Rodgers, that was just the beginning. The real beginnings for Rachel started in New York without a lot of money or money talks. Rachel was exposed to how the other half lived though, and that … Read more

Bad Personal Finance Takes (Part 2)

Bad Personal Finance Takes 2

Who needs a financial advisor when you have TikTok right? Be careful where you get your financial advice from. The internet is full of confident people, spouting absolute garbage. Some are trying to take your money. Some are trying to get clicks. And some are… just dumb honestly. No worries though, we’re here to make … Read more

How He Made $100,000 in 48 Hours | Brian Luebben

Last week we talked about starting a business in 60 minutes or less. No website, no logo, no business plan, just a solution to a problem and a way to collect payment. And today’s guest, Brian Luebben, did just that. In fact, Brian was able to bring in over $100,000 in just 48 hours. You’ll … Read more

How to Start a Business in 60 Minutes or Less

Whether it’s a path to financial independence or an outlet post-retirement, starting your own business could be a great goal. But that’s got to be really hard right? Today, we’re bringing you a step-by-step walkthrough to starting that business with almost no effort. What do you actually need to start a business? Probably a lot … Read more

The Traditional Path to FI | Bob Haines

Retiring early sounds like an incredible goal. But to get there, you’ll need either amazing luck, your own business, or to hit it big on a risky investment. Don’t you? Today’s guest, Bob Haines, is here to showcase why that’s not true at all. Bob’s story is one that’s likely much more relatable for you … Read more

2023 Recap – Money Hacks, Health Goals, and Lots of Travel

Another year down! The guys break down what they accomplished in 2023 and where they stand going into 2024. They’re entering 2024 with a combined net worth of $4.2M while also being in the best shape of their lives. Cody is now married and Justin is now retired. Those are some major life updates and … Read more

How Cody Reached FI at 25 | Action Academy

Cody Action Academy

This episode is an interview with Cody from October 2022 on the Action Academy Podcast where he explains how he reached FI at 25 and built a 7-figure business. If you enjoyed it, please share this episode with a friend! Links From the Episode Action Academy Podcast Join the Community We’d love to hear your … Read more

The Easiest Side Hustle (If You’ve Got Space For It) | Joseph Woodbury

Hopefully, you’re not tired of making money with little to no effort. Today, Joseph Woodbury, Founder of Neighbor, is here to give us another way to do just that. The concept started out simple enough during college. Someone needed storage but didn’t want to pay top-dollar or drive to a crummy storage facility. So what … Read more