First to a Million | Dan Sheeks

Today’s episode features Dan Sheeks author of First to a Million and founder of  Sheeks Freaks. Dan is a teacher in Colorado and is really changing the lives of young people and giving them a space where they can feel normal sharing their financial interests. He recently authored his first book (and workbook) First to … Read more

Understanding the AND Asset | Caleb Guilliams

Today’s episode features Caleb Guilliams, creator of BetterWealth and author of The And Asset. Caleb Guilliams’ life would be forever changed by taking a simple job at a local bank. There, he would see what wealthy people did, but also see what people were doing that struggled to make ends meet. This would spark Caleb’s … Read more

From Food Blogging to Serving the Latinx Community | Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Today’s episode features Jannese Torres-Rodriguez who walked away from a successful career to focus on entrepreneurship full time. It wasn’t an overnight success though, and it wasn’t without some trial and error. After niching down and putting in a ton of work, her food blog, Delish D’Lites, started to take off (we’re talking multi- six figures). … Read more

Buying & Running a Grocery Store at Age 21 | Reetu Maz

Reetu Maz

Today’s episode features Reetu Maz who invested in one of the oldest traditional physical businesses at just 21 years old. Reetu saw an opportunity that meant taking on 60k of debt and decided to take the leap. She would take over a struggling grocery store and breathe new life into it including renovations and adding … Read more

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps | An Honest Look at All 7

In this episode, The FI Show Guys take an honest look at Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps. While we believe Dave Ramsey has been a great gateway for a lot of people, there’s a ton we just can’t agree with. “Save 15%, never use credit cards, pay off all debt before investing”….these are just too … Read more

From Debt to Deals | Sarah King

Today’s episode features Sarah King from Nerds Guide to FI. Sarah gives us an in-depth honest review of her journey. She started as a Dave Ramsey follower, but quickly realized there was more to personal finance than just getting out of debt. Sarah would go on to build up a nice portfolio of rental properties … Read more

Scaling to 7 Figures While Giving Back Aggressively | Jeremy Schneider

Today’s episode features Jeremy Schneider from Personal Finance Club. Jeremy started his journey as a young, scrappy entrepreneur. In 2004, in founded Rentlinx out of his bedroom with nothing but grit and determination. He slowly scaled the business while keeping his salary under $36k throughout most of the company’s growth. Then, in 2015, 11 years … Read more

The Debt Lasso Method and LGBTQ Financial Challenges | Debt Free Guys

Today’s episode features John and David from Debt Free Guys and the Queer Money Podcast. David and John were going on a vacation and thought to themselves, “Let’s buy a vacation home here”. Only to soon realize that they could barely afford to rent a home for a weekend getaway. They had let their financial … Read more

Turning Budgeting into a Business | Kelly Anne Smith

Today’s episode features Kelly Anne Smith from Freedom in a Budget. Kelly finds herself struggling and living paycheck to paycheck. Then, as many do, she turns to Dave Ramsey. After learning about budgeting, Kelly found even more personal finance content through YouTube. Fast forward a few years and Kelly has created a Youtube channel of … Read more

Should You Be Worried About Inflation? Maybe Not

In this episode, Justin and Cody give their take on inflation. If you’ve been on social media or watched the news recently, you might have seen the 6.2% inflation rate over the past year. Everyone in this space loves formulas and hard math, but we’ll tell you why patience and flexibility might be even more … Read more