The Multiple Paths to Early Retirement and Passive Income | Earn & Invest

This week, we’re re-airing an episode from the Earn & Invest podcast where Cody & Justin were interviewed along with Rachel Richards. Doc G delves into how passive income has evolved in this post-COVID era in addition to examining the many different paths to financial independence. Tune in to hear our thoughts and experiences in … Read more

Blogging as a Business | Kelan Kline

Today’s episode features Kelan Kline, one half of The Savvy Couple. Kelan and his wife Brittany have built a multi-six-figure online brand that now completely provides for their family, but it wasn’t always this way… Originally, Kellan had plans of building a career in law enforcement but after spending some time as a jail officer, … Read more

Intentional Living and Cohousing Communities | Lauren Tang

Today’s episode features Lauren Tang, a member of the Sunnyside Village Couhousing Group. Cohousing is when a group of people come together to intentionally create a physical neighborhood of people with common values and shared resources. Lauren came from living in a trailer to attending medical school and eventually leading a successful medical career. However, … Read more

New Purchases, Business Goals, and FinCon 2021

In this episode, The FI Show Guys reflect on FinCon 2021 along with some big personal updates. We’ve been going to FinCon for over 4 years now and we love it. It’s the one time of year we get to hang out with all of our favorite personal finance people in real life! It’s also … Read more

Brand Building and Passive Income Streams | Rachel Richards

Today’s episode features “Money Honey” author Rachel Richards. Rachel is passionate about passive income and making financial education more accessible. She was able to walk away from her job at age 27 through real estate, online courses, and book royalties. If you’re interested in building a brand, writing a book, or just passionate about passive … Read more

$0 to $100K+ with Short-Term Rentals | Diya Liu

Today’s episode features Short Term Rental (think Air BnB) extraordinaire Diya Liu. Diya’s strategy is all about real-estate investing without compromise. With her short-term rental (STR) business, she’s built a system that she manage from anywhere and now has dozens of short-term rentals scattered throughout the U.S. Diya also mentions that these STRs also bring … Read more

Real Estate as a Business & Sourcing Deals | Paul David Thompson

Today’s episode features real estate expert Paul David Thompson from the Ready Investor One podcast and Paul found his proficiency for building teams in the corporate world but knew that he was meant to run his own business. What started as a single investor in Little Rock, Arkansas has now morphed into an enterprise. … Read more

Financial Feminism and Fighting the Investing Gap | Tori Dunlap

Today’s episode features Tori Dunlap from Her First 100k & Financial Feminist Podcast. Tori was brought up in a family where money was a regular topic. She founded her first business at age 9. Learning about personal finance from an early age gave her power confidence. Tori would later realize that her mission in life … Read more

Mega Backdoor Roth & Solo 401k Explained

In this episode, the FI Show Guys give you a step-by-step guide to utilizing the Mega Backdoor Roth and Solo 401k. You might be able to contribute A LOT more than you thought was possible. And that’s true whether you work for a company (using a  Mega Backdoor) or run your own business (using a … Read more

Mastering Real Estate Renovations | Van Sturgeon

Today’s episode features Van Sturgeon who is an expert in real estate renovations with 30+ years of experience. He learned his trade the hard. Growing up, his parents purchased an apartment building but real estate was in deep trouble thanks to sky-high interest and unemployment rates. This forced Van into learning how to do the … Read more