The Basics of Cryptocurrency | Eric Rosenburg

Today’s episode features Eric Rosenburg from Personal Profitability. Eric is a prolific writer and speaker across all finance topics, but today our main focus is solely on cryptocurrency. What is the real potential of cryptocurrency? Is it just a risky investment with no utility? Which coins should you keep an eye out for? What are … Read more

All the Hacks | Chris Hutchins

Chris Hutchins - The FI Show

Today’s episode features Chris Hutchins from the hit new podcast All The Hacks. Chris has always been obsessed with making life as optimal and enjoyable as possible without excessively spending money to do so. But how did he get here? Well, he’s had typical employment, been laid off, started a series of conferences for those … Read more

Q&A | HELOCs, Credit Cards, Taxes, Side Hustles, PMI, and VPNs

In this episode, The FI Show Guys take on questions submitted by the audience. Our audience is certainly an educated and savvy bunch, but we can all keep learning. So we opened up the hotlines and took on listener questions. Here are the topics we tackle in order: HELOCs vs. high-interest debt Credit card points … Read more

Stacked | Joe Saul-Sehy & Emily Guy Birken

Today’s episode features Joe-Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken, authors of the new book Stacked: Your Super-Serious Guide to Modern Money Management. Joe is a former financial advisor the hilarious mastermind behind the iconic Stacking Benjamins podcast. Emily wasn’t classically trained in finance but had a passion for it and authored the very popular book The … Read more

Financially Independent by Age 20 with Real Estate | Jabbar Adesada

Jabbar Adesada - The Fi Show

Today’s episode features Jabbar Adesada, a 20-year-old Marine who is targeting this year for financial independence! Jabbar was obsessed with basketball and poured all of his attention there, the only problem was he wasn’t even getting to play. That, combined with his disobedience to do some work his preacher ask him to do made for … Read more

Instagram Growth, Real Estate, and Couple’s Finance | The FI Couple

Today’s episode features Ali and Josh from The FI Couple. They found themselves in over $100k in debt and knew something had to change. Once they started tackling debt and real estate, they knew they had to share that with the world. So, from a middle-of-the-night idea, they built an Instagram in late 2020 and … Read more

First to a Million | Dan Sheeks

Today’s episode features Dan Sheeks author of First to a Million and founder of  Sheeks Freaks. Dan is a teacher in Colorado and is really changing the lives of young people and giving them a space where they can feel normal sharing their financial interests. He recently authored his first book (and workbook) First to … Read more

Understanding the AND Asset | Caleb Guilliams

Today’s episode features Caleb Guilliams, creator of BetterWealth and author of The And Asset. Caleb Guilliams’ life would be forever changed by taking a simple job at a local bank. There, he would see what wealthy people did, but also see what people were doing that struggled to make ends meet. This would spark Caleb’s … Read more

From Food Blogging to Serving the Latinx Community | Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Today’s episode features Jannese Torres-Rodriguez who walked away from a successful career to focus on entrepreneurship full time. It wasn’t an overnight success though, and it wasn’t without some trial and error. After niching down and putting in a ton of work, her food blog, Delish D’Lites, started to take off (we’re talking multi- six figures). … Read more

Buying & Running a Grocery Store at Age 21 | Reetu Maz

Reetu Maz

Today’s episode features Reetu Maz who invested in one of the oldest traditional physical businesses at just 21 years old. Reetu saw an opportunity that meant taking on 60k of debt and decided to take the leap. She would take over a struggling grocery store and breathe new life into it including renovations and adding … Read more