Minimalism and Mini-Retirements | Melissa Neacato

Melissa Neacato

Today’s episode features Melissa Neacato from Traveling Wallet. Twelve years ago,  Melissa was a 21-year-old university student who got pregnant while completing her degree. She finished the degree but also graduated with $46,000 in debt. Then she went on to buy a new car, which added another $18,000 to her debt. She eventually discovered minimalism … Read more

200 Episodes Later … What We’ve Learned

In this episode, we recollect the past four years and 200 episodes since starting The Financial Independence Show and what we’ve learned along the way. It’s been an amazing journey so far and we can’t thank you enough. Some of the main topics include: Mindset Increasing income Creative ways to lower expenses There’s no “right” … Read more

Mapping Retirement with Projection Lab | Kyle Nolan

Today’s episode features Kyle Nolan, creator of Projection Lab. Kyle already had the skills to develop web-based applications when he discovered the world of financial independence. What he didn’t have and couldn’t find was a financial planning tool that felt modern, flexible, and engaging. So he just decided to build his own! Projection Lab allows … Read more

From $5K to $250K per Month with a Service Business | Irvin Aguilar

Today’s episode features Irvin Aguilar who took AGR Landscaping from a small-time company making $5k per month to a money-making machine hitting $250k in recent months. Irvin saw his dad struggling and found himself struggling with college as well. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity to inject some small but powerful changes into … Read more

How She’s Made $1.5M on Fiverr | Alex Fasulo

Today’s episode features Alex Fasulo, author of Freelance Your Way to Freedom. Long-time listeners may remember Alex from episode 48. At the time, she was making over $350k per year on Fiverr. But Alex was also working insane hours. It eventually became clear that she needed to build a team around her to make this … Read more

Day Jobs AND Multiple Other Income Streams | Ryan & Cory

Today’s episode features Ryan and Cory from The Weekly Juice Podcast. Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a thriving investor or entrepreneur, but didn’t know how? Maybe you wanted to ask them about their successes, failures, systems, motivations, or experiences they’ve had? Perhaps you wanted to invite them out for a coffee … Read more

How to Make a Full-Time Income on YouTube | Danie Jay

Danie Jay

Today’s episode features YouTube coach Danie Jay. Danie started on YouTube as an ESL teacher (with her trusty $5 panda puppet) living abroad in Vietnam. She then discovered the world of affiliate marketing and scaled her then-small YouTube channel into a full-time income. And now she’s helping others do the same! Danie isn’t only working … Read more

Making Money with Airbnb Experiences | Martin Dasko

Today’s episode features Martin Dasko from Studenomics. Martin doesn’t just talk and write about money. He also is dedicated to fitness, traveling, teaching, professional wrestling, and yea…making money too! We caught up with Martin at FinCon where we not only went through his backstory but also one of his ventures we’ve been wanting to highlight. … Read more

The Speeds of Financial Independence

In this episode, Cody and Justin walk listeners through six unique and relatable paths to financial independence. We cover the assumptions and profile and then determine exactly how long it will take that person to retire. This was a fun episode that involved a lot of research going into the backgrounds of these scenarios. At … Read more

Buy This, Not That | Financial Samurai

Today’s episode features Sam Dogen aka Financial Samurai and author of Buy This Not That. Sam is one of the original voices of financial independence. He started his blog way back in 2009 and actually let Mr. Money Mustache write an early guest post before he hit it big. Sam is known for his analytical … Read more