Millionaire in 9 Months through Wholesaling Real Estate | Mike DeHaan

Mike DeHaan

Buying a home and then flipping it or renting it isn’t the only way to be a real estate investor. What if you could just find incredible deals on homes and then line up a buyer looking for a good deal to flip or buy? That’s exactly what Mike DeHaan from the Collecting Keys podcast … Read more

Digitization, Banking, and the World Economy | Emmanuel Daniel

We typically focus a lot on the micro (saving, earning, and investing), but today, we’re talking all about the macro. Emmanuel Daniel is a Singapore-based entrepreneur, writer and global thought leader in finance. He was listed as a top 10 global influencer in the “Fintech Power 50” list for 2021 and 2022. In simple terms… … Read more

50+ Failed Business and The Art of Dabbling | Pete McPherson

Do you know deep down, what you’re doing isn’t what you’re meant to be doing? That was Pete McPherson’s situation. As Pete would put it, he used to be a boring accountant, complete with a CPA license, years of corporate experience, a fantastic salary–and pretty much the rest of the “American Dream”. But he decided … Read more

Remote Work Strategies (for W2s and Entrepreneurs)

Many people want financial independence to do whatever they want, go wherever they want, and spend time with whomever they want. But too often in this pursuit, people run themselves into the ground trying to obtain this freedom as quickly as possible. What if you could see the world and work toward FI? Wouldn’t that … Read more

Passive Income with Vending Machines | Mike Hoffmann

Have you always dreamed of owning a vending machine business? Probably not but Mike Hoffmann aka Mr. Passive is here to tell you why you absolutely should. Mike’s passive income journey started at the time when he was working a 60-hour week job that paid him only $1,200/month. He then started experimenting with rental properties, … Read more

Skills: The Currency of the Future

You could lose your job, your business could fail, but even if your income drops to zero, there’s one thing you won’t lose: skills. In our last episode with Grant Sabatier, he said skills are the future currency and we couldn’t agree more. With a good mix of skills, you will both increase your earning … Read more

The Proven Path to Financial Freedom (Replay) | Grant Sabatier

Today, we’re re-airing our most downloaded episode featuring Grant Sabatier, owner of Millennial Money and author of Financial Freedom. Grant graduated with a philosophy degree and would bounce around 4 jobs after college while being laid off twice. He spent what money he had going on a big trip to Africa before he ended up back at … Read more

Sweaty Startups and Avoiding Taxes (Legally) | Nick Huber

When it comes to building businesses, Nick Huber from The Sweaty Startup is the real deal. Back in college, Nick had some extra space in his apartment and someone was looking for storage. Seeing an opportunity, he gladly offers up his room as storage space. When that fills up, he starts collaborating with some of … Read more

Entrepreneur vs. Employee Path to FI (Mad Fientist Replay)

Employee vs Entrepreneur

We (Cody and Justin) have both achieved financial independence through drastically different paths. This episode was a takeover episode for The Mad Fientist’s podcast where we break down the similarities and differences between an employee’s path (Justin) and an entrepreneur’s path (Cody) to FI! Highlights: Live-in flip vs. house hacking The sweet spot for buying … Read more

Diversification, Inflation, and The Economy | Marko Zlatic

Today, we’re lucky enough to bring you Marko Zlatic from WhiteBoard Finance. Marko grew up in a middle-class household raised by immigrant parents and is completely self-taught when it comes to money, investing, and financial literacy. His investing journey began when he started flipping Pokemon cards and selling mixtape CDs as a kid. He then … Read more