Slow Travel, Geoarbitrage and Creative Frugality | Bob Lai

Today’s episode features Bob Lai from Tawcan. Bob and his wife are both dual citizens living in Vancouver, Canada. He has a big passion for geo-arbitrage, slow travel, and dividend investing. Hear how he’s reaching FI while traveling and having three weddings! (spoiler alert, only one bride) Listen, learn, and let us know what you … Read more

Know Your Pension | Grumpus Maximus

Today’s episode features Grumpus Maximus, author of  The Golden Albatross and creator of the Grumpus Maximus website. Grumpus was three years away from a pension when he had a breakdown. This pushed him to gather all the information he could on his pension to choose on staying or going. Ultimately, he stayed and from then … Read more

Understanding Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion | Steve Yacovelli

Today’s episode features Dr. Steve Yacovelli, author of  Pride Leadership and creator of TopDog Learning Group. Steve brings an incredible amount of expertise on leadership as well as diversity and inclusion. He also brings an interesting backstory where he went from working on a Disney Cruise line to being hired by Disney as a consultant … Read more

Putting The FI in Fitness | James Lowery

Today’s episode features James Lowery from Rethink The Rat Race James is a repeat offender back from episode 36. In that episode, he dug into his background and how he and his wife retired in their 20’s after amassing real estate in just two years. This episode we dive more into his accomplishments in the … Read more

Planting Your Financial Garden | John Soforic

Today’s episode features John Soforic, author of The Wealthy Gardener. John gives his passionate story of how he went from $200k in debt to over $200k in passive income. The lessons he learned led to a book he wrote for his son titled The Wealthy Gardner. The story starts with a stroll through the graveyard … Read more

Dividend Value Investing and the 12 Rules | Kanwal Sarai

Kanwal Sarai Wordpress

Today’s episode features Kanwal Sarai from Simply Investing. Kanwal shares with us his unique investing style. This style is a combination of value investing like Warren Buffet and a focus on dividend payouts. Kanwal takes our questions in stride and makes some really great points. Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about … Read more

3D Printing as a Side Hustle | Nikko Mendoza

Today’s episode features Nikko from Nikko Industries. What a cool and unique guest who is on his way to making $250k this year off his 3-D print business. This business was no easy task as Nikko didn’t become a U.S. citizen until he was 25. What started as Nikko just trying to be an awesome … Read more

Mastering Passive Income with Real Estate | Dustin Heiner

Today’s episode features Dustin Heiner from Master Passive Income Dustin vividly remembers a march to the boss with kids waiting at home, knowing he was about to lose his job. He knew from that day, he needed to build his own income streams away from traditional employment. 30 real estate properties later and he had … Read more

Building a Loyal Audience and Moving Online | Genecia Alluora from Soul Rich Woman

Today’s episode features Genecia who is the creator of Soul Rich Woman. Genecia’s main goal is to empower women business owners to go from offline to online. She’s proven this over her career with millions in revenue and is sharing that with the 200k+ members of Soul Rich Woman. You won’t want to miss all … Read more

How to Make Money with an Amazon Affiliate Site | Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington Wordpress

Today’s episode features Doug from Niche Site Project. Doug brings in hundreds of thousands from his affiliate websites. These sites are those websites we all use to help us decide exactly which brand/version of a product we’re looking to buy. He started off on a traditional route in engineering but with this incredibly successful venture, … Read more