Going Virtual, Sourcing Clients & Crushing Social Media | Allegra Paris

Today’s episode features Allegra Paris from AllegraParis.com and the AP Fit program. If you look today, Allegra has created a successful and rewarding personal training business. She’s helping others while also building a brand that provides her a life she loves. But things weren’t always that simple. Allegra was facing massive burnout trying to make … Read more

Money = Flexibility & Options

In this roundup episode, the FI Show Guys talk about how FI has given them flexibility and freedom. Reflecting on the 4% rule, cashflow FI, and the levels of financial independence you hit along the way. Want more confidence in negotiations? How about less stress when something goes wrong? Maybe even to feel free enough … Read more

Slow FI and Building a 10/10 Lifestyle | Jessica from The Fioneers

Today’s episode features Jessica from The Fioneers. Jessica wasn’t always financially savvy and started her career making just $11k per year. Then, her husband introduced the ideology of retiring early and Jessica started climbing the corporate ladder. She quickly realized that racing towards financial independence at a rapid pace was taking too heavy of a … Read more

How the 4% Rule is Changing | Bill Bengen

Today’s episode features Bill Bengen, creator of the 4% rule. The 4% rule is arguably the most famous and influential research of the financial independence movement. The rule essentially says that you can safely withdraw 4% of your invested nest egg without ever completely depleting that nest egg. That means for every $100k you have … Read more

Fi-lexibility and The EconoMe Conference | Diania Merriam

Diania Merriam - The FI Show

Today’s episode features the founder of EconoMe, Diania Merriam. Diania wasn’t always into money. She had her time in New York where she went through a phase many of us struggle with — blowing money and living it up in our 20s. Diania decided to revamp her lifestyle but wanted to do so without giving up … Read more

Real Estate Roundup | Our Experiences with Real Estate Investing

Today’s episode features your hosts Justin and Cody discussing Real Estate. They both had no idea how real estate was an investment because their parents lived in the same homes their entire life. It wasn’t an investment, it was just home. Fast forward and Cody starts finding profitable properties in Connecticut after he extends his … Read more

Beating Broke, Leveling Up, and Real Estate | Alex Felice

Today’s episode features Alex Felice from Broke is a Choice. Yes, Alex chose that name to be a little controversial. He likes to stir things up a little and get the conversations going. For him though, he found himself broke in 2010 and he did make that choice to turn things around. He poured himself … Read more

Investing in Self Storage and Green Homes | Scott Krone

Today’s episode features Scott Krone. Scott is the managing partner and founder of Coda Management Group. During college, Scott and his fellow architect classmates found themselves providing free labor to their professor’s development business. This odd form of free labor turned out to be a launching pad for Scott’s career. He took on major projects … Read more

Getting 1% Better and Creating Opportunity | Scott Trench, CEO of BiggerPockets

Today’s episode features Scott Trench. Author of Set for Life and CEO of Bigger Pockets. After college, Scott finds himself in a finance job he doesn’t like and discovers financial independence which changes his entire philosophy. Financial independence led Scott to real estate and the rest was history. In this episode, we dig into Scott’s … Read more

Does House Hacking Make Sense for You? (yes) | Andrew Kerr

Today’s episode features Andrew Kerr from the House Hacking Podcast. Andrew has been in the real estate field for almost 20 years and has experience with nearly every type of real estate transaction. By the end of the episode, you’ll hear all about the pros, cons, and everything in between in regards to house hacking. … Read more