Financially Independent by Age 20 with Real Estate | Jabbar Adesada

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Today’s episode features Jabbar Adesada, a 20-year-old Marine who is targeting this year for financial independence!

Jabbar was obsessed with basketball and poured all of his attention there, the only problem was he wasn’t even getting to play.

That, combined with his disobedience to do some work his preacher ask him to do made for a dramatic change brought on by Jabbar’s father.

His dad popped his basketballs and told him he had to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad… and that was the end of basketball for Jabbar.

Jabbar goes on to join the Marines straight out of high school and starts to study the stock market and real estate like crazy.

His persistence would lead to a house hack where he’d rent out four rooms and then later a luxury Airbnb property… all while essentially making minimum wage.

He’s currently hunting for more deals and projects that he’ll reach FI after he closes on the next one.

Do you know a young person who needs some inspiration, are you interested in real estate investing, or maybe you just want to hear a great story this is the episode for you!

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