Fire the Haters and Create Content Online | Jillian Johnsrud

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Today’s episode features Jillian Johnsrud, author of Fire The Haters.

We actually featured Jillian once prior on our show in Episode 68.

In that episode, we cover Jillian’s background (quick recap below):

  • Jillian got married at age 19
  • She saw from an early age that money gave you options
  • They started off their marriage with $55k worth of debt
  • From the start, they always stuck to a goal to save 50%
  • They made some difficult choices like living in a camper or roommates
  • They would end up investing and buying rentals
  • This would lead them to be financially independent at age 32

We also discussed her Everyday Courage podcast.

Now, she’s keeping the courage theme going by inspiring others to put out their thoughts, help, concerns….life on the internet despite the trolls that hide behind every digital corner.

Jillian walks us through who to listen to and who not to. Where you should focus your energy, and what will just be a waste of time.

Most of us have something we put out into the world even if we’re not writers, and with that comes criticism.

Today’s episode is the perfect guide to navigating our critical world.

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