From Addiction to Multimillionaire | Justin David Carl

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Today’s episode features Justin David Carl aka Dragon, creator of Alchemize Life and Fit Rich Vegan.

If you look at Justin today you’ll see Life Alchemist, Entrepreneur, Holistic Wellbeing Thought-Leader, Podcaster, Fitness & Money Coach, Fashionista, Spiritual Hipster, and the list goes on.

That wasn’t always true though…

Justin had spent most of his younger years with the singular goal of getting into Stanford, which he eventually did.

However, he found himself leaving Stanford for a career in nightlife.

It was there that Justin started realizing his entrepreneurial abilities… but they came at a cost.

Although he was making great making, he was struggling with abuse, depression, addiction, eating disorders, etc.

Luckily, Justin realized he was headed down the wrong path and returned to Stanford.

There, he would get the opportunity to join an early-stage company in a sales role and increase his net worth from -$80K to over $1M in just two years.

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