From Corporate America to a Food Truck CEO | Brent Gargasz

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Today’s episode features Brent from Farm Fired Pizza aka the “Food Truck CEO”. Brent runs an amazing food trailer with a wood fire pizza oven creating some of the best-looking pizzas you’ll ever see.

Brent didn’t go to culinary school or come from a cooking background. In fact, he was a highly successful nurse who had worked his way up into more of the corporate side.

This was great for his paycheck but terrible for his fulfillment.

Ultimately, Brent decided to follow his passion for delicious pizza and quit that corporate job. Fast forward a little over a year and he’s selling out events on a regular basis with a thriving business.

Struggling to find purpose in your day job? Well, then it is time to sit back, take a listen, and get inspired.

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