From the Ghetto to a Growth Mindset | Jerry Brown

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Today’s episode features Jerry Brown from Peerless Money Mentor.

Jerry grew up in a self-described ghetto with no real view of a way out.

We cover his background, how he turned things around, and how he’s built a powerful financial independence network.

You won’t want to miss this inspiring story!

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode.

Episode Summary

Jerry’s Background

  • Jerry didn’t really know he was poor growing up
  • But he lived in a crime-filled neighborhood with few outside role models
  • His mom also needed assistance to get by
  • He talks about how people were surprised he’d even admit that he was from the area he lived in
  • Growing up he thought basketball or rapping would be the only possible way to escape
  • His mom did put a big emphasis on learning but financial independence never seemed reasonable

Can you Bootstrap Past Disadvantages?

  • Jerry sees it as a mixed bag
  • He does put a lot of weight into hard work
  • But he also acknowledges the real disadvantages
  • He was also cognizant enough to understand his family was a big advantage

Jerry’s Financial Mistakes

  • Jerry was young and healthy so he thought he didn’t need insurance
  • A large dental procedure led him to serious credit card debt
  • Then he started buying more things on credit
  • Eventually, Jerry would buy a $22k car while only earning $22k per year

Financial Wake Up Call

  • He came home and his fiance had her bags packed
  • Jerry realized he couldn’t afford to live by himself
  • So he thought he’d just live out of his car to avoid the embarrassment of moving home
  • Jerry was also carrying debt with 25% interest rates
  • He was making payments but was never actually making progress
  • A friend recommended he refinance through a personal loan
  • This lowered his debt all the way down to 5%
  • For his remaining credit card bills, he did a balance transfer
  • That gave him 0% rate for 18 months

Jerry’s Side Hustle Journey

  • He tried Swagbucks but the payout was terrible
  • Then he tried Uber but it was taking a toll on his car
  • Jerry also tried We Go Look where you send in pictures of damaged vehicles for insurance claims.
  • Now he is getting more into freelance writing and social media management
  • Jerry also highly recommends Beta Testing.


  • This was a really powerful part of Jerry’s story
  • Networking expanded his world view
  • It also tangibly impacted him
  • From ideas on debt payment or side hustles like freelance writing
  • Jerry really highlights the importance to surround yourself with people you can draw knowledge and encouragement from

Key Takeaways

  1. Artificial Limits: One thing that really stuck out was the disadvantage that people experience simply by having low expectations set for them and surrounding them.
  2. Mental Health: We loved that Jerry was open about his mental health journey and his encouragement to others to also take it seriously.

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