Frugal Adventures, Getting Creative, and FI Without Sacrifice | Sean & Alex

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Can you really pursue financial independence at a young age and still live an exciting life?

Frivolous hobbies have to take a back seat right?

Sean and Alex are living proof that you can indeed build a life full in both riches of money and experience.

Justin got introduced to Sean and Alex when they reached out for some financial coaching.

It was quickly obvious that this couple had accomplished a ton already and had a massive amount of potential going forward.

They had already mastered the hardest part to teach.

The mentality.

Alex lived in a sailboat at one point, and Sean did some serious house hacking when he rented out rooms in an 8-bedroom house.

It’s another great example of how there is no blueprint, you just have to be creative and seek value that aligns with your values.

They overcame some huge student loan debts, have amassed a $750k net worth, and will be financially independent in months!

Keep in mind they did all this while traveling the world, owning a plane, flying to every state in the country, skiing, running marathons… Really too much to capture.

They have packed in more adventure than about any couple I know and are right on track for an early retirement.

We hope you enjoyed us showcasing a story of people still on the journey and will be inspired by their amazing yet repeatable path.

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