Frugal First Dates to Money Mates – Valentine’s Day Special w/ Our Girlfriends

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Today’s episode is an extra special Valentine’s day episode; Cody and Justin throw out all common sense by letting their significant others come on and give you an unfiltered behind the scenes look at what it’s like to date someone so determined to retire young.

While the girls take plenty of jabs at the guys, we think you’ll also get some great insight on how to make money conversations with your significant other much more productive and approachable.

Running behind on a Valentine’s day gift? Just fire up this episode and grab a glass of wine for the perfect date night!

Oh, and don’t forget to say happy birthday to Cody!

Episode Summary

  • Laura’s parents weren’t into personal finance but she did understand being frugal and buying only what you need
  • Leslie’s mom was big on spending money on experiences and things that were important but at the same time spending smart
  • When Leslie first met Justin she noted how he asked even on the first date was asking questions about what her spending habits are
  • Justin also used a coupon in combo with $2 beer night on their 2nd date
  • Laura talked about her first dates with Cody involved using these free vouchers from Cody’s dad
  • Laura sometimes felt like she was being difficult because she knew she was recommending a restaurant or activity that Cody wouldn’t normally do
  • Then they start tackling positives on meeting someone so frugal
  • Leslie talks about how much more travel it has opened up a ton of travel and how it’s not so much about the total of money but more about maximizing the money so maybe you go on two trips instead of one
  • Laura talks about how dating Cody has changed her habits in relation to finances
  • A common theme is being more intentional with money but at the same time teaching the guys to not stress so much over the small stuff
  • Leslie talks about the importance of us splitting things and how you don’t have to feel like one person is pulling the weight
  • Justin and Leslie say they probably speak about money in some form almost daily
  • Laura mentions that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to talk about finances so much but she appreciates it and it’s better to be aware
  • Then the guy’s swap the conversation to how the ladies have changed their lives
  • Cody mentions things like charity and international volunteering
  • Justin talks about opening up a little on the groceries and when something seems important to Leslie to just do it since they’re already so optimized
  • Justin and Leslie discuss how their financial discussions first started which was spurred about because of Leslie changing jobs
  • For Laura, Cody tried initially with straight numbers which didn’t really work but then once he introduced her to travel hacking it had her hooked
  • The approach of bland numbers was also an unsuccessful attempt by Justin but he too realized the outcome was key. They started focusing on how they wanted life to be and things were a lot clearer
  • Laura talks how Cody talked her into going to Camp FI by spinning it into a vacation
  • Then they talk about how important it is for the guys to also support their passions
  • Laura dreams of working in public works in places like Cambodia
  • Then they discuss how the ladies feel and trust the numbers that the guys are steering to and how they’d feel about not working for upwards of 60 years
  • Leslie & Laura feel confident and also recognize how flexible they and their careers are
  • They then discuss what people who aren’t as focused on financial independence or as experienced would like to hear from things like the podcast
  • Laura & Leslie talk about tips to get your spouse on board with a journey to financial independence such as recognizing things that are important to the other person and not crossing that line when drawing down expenses

Key Takeaways

  1. Appreciate their sacrifice: It’s often easy to look at yourself and feel proud of how you might be shaping up the finances for you and your significant other and totally forget the sacrifices they make by accepting this lifestyle you’re presenting. Sure it’s a responsible choice but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy one.
  2. You’re not normal: W Don’t get me wrong, being normal is overrated but it’s important to have some self-reflection. Understand that the life you want to live is a strange one that might even seem insane at first so be patient and don’t expect full agreement on day one.
  3. Middle ground marks the spot: A  You probably notice a common theme with these key takeaways and the episode in general. Meet your partner in the middle. On these financial journeys, we can develop tunnel vision and so focused on numbers that we forget the emotions associated with them. Monitor your partner’s feelings, adjust when needed and remember that your working career is hopefully short but this relationship needs to last forever.

Call to Action

Go discover what your partner really wants in life, what does a perfect day look like, what are their passions? Now use these as the motivation to have them get in lock-step with your financial journey and  yes… you might even have to back away from those beautiful spreadsheets.

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