Growing the Gap (Replay) | Paula Pant

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Today, we’re re-airing one of our most popular episodes from early 2019.

Paula Pant is always conducting great interviews herself but today she’s the one answering questions.

She walks us through her amazing story of only three traditional years of employment, traveling the world, and the steps she took to secure her financial independence.

There is something for everyone in this episode.

You’ve got philosophy, entrepreneurship, freelancing, and even some great real estate tips.

This discussion also gets into focusing also on increasing income and not just being consumed by minimizing expenses.

Paula calls this “The gap” or the delta between your earnings and expenses.

Paula graduated college in 2005 and started at a newspaper making $25k per year.

She worked there 3 years topping out at $31k per year.

On the side, she was freelancing and earned an additional $25k on the side in a travel fund

She then quit her job and left her lease in 2008.

Paula backpacked around Egypt, Cambodia, and other countries on a budget of $1k per month and then returned to go full-time freelancing.

She began taking her excess income and investing in real estate.

In this episode, we also discuss how more of the focus in the financial independence space should be on the income side of the equation vs the spending part of the equation.

This led us to the discussion of “The Gap” or the difference between earning and spending not necessarily just one side of the equation.

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