How to Find the Right Side Hustle | Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from the side hustle king Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation.

Nick got an eye-opening opportunity in college and knew he had to be his own boss.

He would eventually work three years in the corporate world. During that time he was building his side hustle.

It was quickly covering his expenses and he never looked back.

Listen and learn all about side hustles and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

  • He started paying attention to money when he started realizing how expensive things were
  • Things such as renting a tux for prom
  • His parents didn’t let on that they had the money that they didn’t
  • It wasn’t that they were rich but they did well
  • His first memorable job was through a program called College Works
  • They pitch entrepreneurship, sales, and customer service
  • You don’t know what the job is until the pitch is over
  • It turned out to be house painting
  • They gave him an area of responsibility and taught him several skills
  • He was in charge of hiring, firing and solving customer issues
  • They warned Nick that he may never be able to work for someone after this experience
  • Nick mentioned how important this experience was to applying his education
  • He would go on to work for three years in corporate America

Nick’s 1st Side Hustle

  • Nick built his first side hustle at 22
  • It was a comparison shopping tools for footwear
  • Every day he’d come home and work on the side hustle from 7-10pm
  • At his normal job Nick was making ~$50k per year
  • Before long the shoe site began earning enough to cover his expenses
  • At this point, Nick was ready to take the side hustle full time
  • What really flipped the switch for Nick was a quote from a conference
  • It was “Work on your business, not in your business”
  • Nick took this to focus on growing the business and less of the day to day grunt work
  • That lead to the next side hustle which was a yelp type site for finding a virtual assistant

Choosing Your Side Hustle

  • Nick recommends finding two areas you’re in the top 50% in
  • Then find a way that those two things intersect
  • He also suggests trying out things to experiment
  • You’ll often find your true golden idea once you get started on a project
  • If you begin to dread the work, it may be time to stop working on that side hustle

Tiers of Side hustles

  • Nick says side hustle fall into three categories: Service, Product, Audience
  • For Services, Nick really recommends branding fragmented services
  • He gives the example of building a maid service that has great customer service and ease of booking
  • For Product he recommends a “buy low, sell high” model like print on demand shirts
  • Then for an audience, you can sell clicks to ads or affiliate links
  • Also once the audience gets large enough you can sell something like an ebook or course

Key Takeaways

  1. Expertise not required: Nick’s first side hustle was comparing shoes and Nick knew very little about shoes
  2. Be better, not necessarily different: It’s more important to provide a great experience than something that’s never been done
  3. Think in scale: When building a side hustle focus your energy on how it will scale. Remember work on the business not for the business

Call to Action

Go check out Nick’s giant list of Side Hustles and find a few today

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