How to Make a Full-Time Income on YouTube | Danie Jay

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Today’s episode features YouTube coach Danie Jay.

Danie started on YouTube as an ESL teacher (with her trusty $5 panda puppet) living abroad in Vietnam.

She then discovered the world of affiliate marketing and scaled her then-small YouTube channel into a full-time income.

And now she’s helping others do the same!

Danie isn’t only working with teachers either.

Now she’s expanded to include health & wellness coaches, real-estate agents + more building stand-out channels on YouTube!

It’s obvious how passionate Danie is about sharing the best video + entrepreneurial tips to help you create a truly life-changing brand + business.

Whether it’s learning how to capitalize on video content or learning how Danie scaled a business that provides her the freedom to live abroad, this episode is for you.

Danie is so passionate and we hope her excitement rubs off on you, so if you liked this episode as much as we did, please share!

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