How to Make Money with an Amazon Affiliate Site | Doug Cunnington

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Today’s episode features Doug from Niche Site Project.

Doug brings in hundreds of thousands from his affiliate websites.

These sites are those websites we all use to help us decide exactly which brand/version of a product we’re looking to buy.

He started off on a traditional route in engineering but with this incredibly successful venture, he just manages these sites and teaches others how to follow in his footsteps.

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about Doug’s awesome episode.

Episode Summary

Doug’s Background

  • Doug’s first money experience was around mowing lawns
  • He wanted to buy a CD player and realized there was a sustainment tail
  • Doug would also need money to buy the actual CDs
  • He ended up mowing lawns for another 7 years
  • But entrepreneurship didn’t really take hold
  • Instead, he went the traditional route
  • Doug went to college and started his career as an engineer

Doug’s Engineering Journey

  • Out of college, Doug was making $52k per year
  • He didn’t have any financial or savings goals
  • His wife though was a real saver
  • She rubbed off on him and he came around
  • In 2013 the real changing moment happened
  • He stumbled on a podcast in 2013
  • This podcast was called The Smart Passive Income Podcast


  • A month after listening to these shows he started his first gig
  • Doug decided to start with Amazon affiliate pages
  • He admits his first few sites weren’t great
  • But after 6 months he was making a few grand per month
  • That’s when he realized that he could quit his normal job

What is an Amazon affiliate site

  • We’ve all been searching for a product and looked for help to choose
  • We ultimately end up on a “Top 5 hard drive” list
  • Through this list, you click on a link and eventually buy one
  • That link is specific to that site so the owner gets a commission
  • You are helped out and they get paid, it’s a win-win
  • SEO is huge to get them there but don’t forget to be helpful
  • Doug also spends some time talking about how he manages his team and sources virtual assistants
  • He also offers a full course to teach others on how to do this


Key Takeaways

  1. Affiliates are a win-win: These sites help you make an efficient purchase and put money in an entrepreneurs pocket
  2. Keep it simple: Doug laid out his management style and how simple and streamlined it is. As he said, you can always make it more complicated later.

Call to Action

Grab some free resources at and at least study affiliate links or maybe try to build one yourself.

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