How to Start a Business With No Money | Alan Donegan

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It’s likely you’ve come up with a brilliant-sounding business idea but didn’t go after it.

Or maybe you wanted to be your own boss but were overwhelmed by getting started.

The biggest reason most people don’t start or don’t succeed at starting a business is money.

Maybe they run out of money before the business is profitable.

Maybe they just never even start because of the fear of losing the investment needed to start.

But what if you didn’t need any money to get started?

That’s exactly what Alan Donegan is teaching people across the world how to do.

He created the Rebel Business School to spread his methodology and help would-be business owners get started even when they have no starting capital.

Alan was raised by a successful entrepreneur who ended up bankrupt due to being overleveraged.

It almost scared Alan away from being a business owner himself.

Instead, he developed mindsets and methodologies to avoid ever getting into that leveraged position.

He shares successful stories from businesses you’d never expect to be able to get started without money.

These include an escape room and even a restaurant.

We hope this episode helps get you past that last bit of fear holding you back and start that business of your dreams.

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