Knowing THIS is The Key To FI

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What is that one thing you know would make you happy?

The problem with that answer, is that often what we know turns out not to be true.

We often think we need more (time, things, square footage, vacations, etc).

In reality, what we need to be happy is already within reach, the real problem is our mindset or confusion of priorities.

Cody and Justin reflect on travels to places where people have so much less material wealth but so much more happiness.

They also cover the mental traps around chasing more they’ve fallen victim to.

The warning to the audience is to ensure you don’t delay happiness while on your journey to financial independence.

Delaying gratification of a purchase may be necessary but you have enough today to be happy…so don’t delay your happiness.

We’re all so incredibly adaptable in both a positive and negative way.

Be confident and know that you can make it through life regardless of how abundant your possessions are, but also be careful not to adapt to luxuries so that they no longer become special or meaningful.

Thank you all for listening and may this episode help you on your path to a financially independent future.

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