Lean FIRE, Geoarbitrage, and Flexibility | Eric Richard

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Today’s episode features Eric Richard from Nomad on FIRE.

Eric worked his way into a lucrative corporate job in supply chain management, but with that came long hours and a terrible commute. He admits that frugality didn’t come naturally to him but he saw how work was destroying his happiness and health so he took the plunge towards Financial Independence.

After saving over $500k, Eric had reached Lean FIRE and took off to travel the world.

He’d eventually end up back in the corporate world but this time in a great work culture that is 70% remote. He used his freedom to find the job that fit his life and is set up to be fully retired in no time.

Financial independence isn’t only about quitting your job, it’s also about the freedom to find the right job for you.

Now it is time to sit back, take a listen, and get inspired.

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