Learning How to Bounce Back From Your Failures | Josh Overmyer

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Today’s episode features Josh Overmyer from JoshOvermyer.com

Josh lost his job and a major chunk of his home value in 2009.

That would force him back under his parents’ roof for two years.

Luckily he turned things around and discovered FI but it wasn’t all roses.

Josh takes us through that whole journey including bouncing back from failures with precious metals, penny stocks and peer to peer lending.

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

Josh’s background

  • Grew up in small-town Indiana
  • Dad worked in a factory, Mom works as HR manager both 20+ year careers
  • First in his family with a 4-year degree
  • He majored in Urban development
  • Moved down to Fort Myers Florida in 2005

The Great Recession Hits

  • Then the recession hit and work came to a halt
  • Then in July 2009, he lost his job
  • Josh then moved back home to stay above water
  • He had bought a house that saw its value get severely lowered
  • Josh had to keep up a low-cost lifestyle for two years
  • He averaged $19k in spending
  • Josh would move out of his parents’ house in 2011

Bumpy Path to FI

  • Then he started finding FI/RE bloggers like J Money
  • Josh eventually found a job in grant administration
  • Then Josh starts talking about the failures he’s learned from
  • These include investing in precious metals, penny stocks, and peer to peer lending

Hitting His Stride

  • Josh would land a new job back down in Florida
  • At the exact same time, he would start driving for Uber
  • He just kept saving and saving
  • July of 2017 he started maxing out his 457
  • Over his 3.5 years working in Florida he would start at  30% and ramp-up
  • Josh then covers all the activities he takes place in the FI community
  • In his day to day life, he doesn’t have people to talk about Finance with
  • But through FinCon and CampFI he has found his people 
  • He has also credited Travel Rewards as the biggest game-changer for him
  • The whole 3.5 years he worked he didn’t have vacation so he saved points
  • Now he’s utilizing those points and recommends the Capital One credit card
  • Josh then talks about how to hit those minimum spends


Key Takeaways

  1. Life hits hard: Josh never could have seen his world flipped upside down from the recession, but it did and he wasn’t prepared
  2. Learning from mistakes: Josh tried several different angles at investing before finding his groove
  3. Stay Positive: Josh is so upbeat about his story and now in a great place and will be ready for the next market challenge

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Josh’s Information

His Blog: JoshOvermyer.com

Twitter: @JOvermyer1


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