Learning How to Stack Benjamins | Joe Saul-Sehy

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Today’s episode features Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins.

Before creating a massively popular podcast, Joe made a lot of money mistakes.

This all came to a clash when he was working as a financial advisor, owned his own business, and still could barely get the money to get home.

Now Joe is bringing finances into so many homes via a unique comedic angle.

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode!

Episode Summary

Joe’s Background

  • Joe was in high school and remembers seeing news specials on money-saving tips
  • He also got inspired by the movie Wall Street
  • But it took Joe a long time to actually put it into practice
  • His parents pushed him to work hard but money was taboo

Making Money Missteps

  • On his first day at college, Joe spots a long line at an American Express Credit Card table
  • He talks about blowing money at the mall and fancy meals at Ruby Tuesday for his friends
  • Then things get real when he gets a bill and his parents refuse to help him
  • His credit was destroyed and the interest started building
  • Even in his professional life, he thought he had an earning issue, not a spending issue
  • But we know from famous athletes that a spending problem will always overcome earnings
  • Joe started earning more money with his own business but kept racking up debt
  • Keep in mind, his business was as a financial advisor
  • The breaking moment is when he has no money or credit to buy gas to get home
  • Joe had to dig for change in his seats just to get home

Turning Things Around

  • Joe realized he needed to “hide money” from himself
  • This meant automating money to go into separate accounts that he didn’t see
  • He also realized that he couldn’t go cold turkey
  • Joe gave himself an allowance so he could buy some of those entertainment items
  • He said it’s important to not be too restrictive or else you’ll relapse

Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Joe says he’s a bad employee
  • He would always clash with a boss
  • Joe admits he also wasn’t a great boss at first
  • He might hire people too much like him
  • Or spout off ideas through the day not thinking his employees would take that as direction

Starting Stacking Benjamins

  • Joe sold his business at age 40
  • This was inspired by a colleague who walked away because it wasn’t fulfilling
  • That person, Chris,  stepped away to go climb mountains across the world
  • Chris would then go on to start an adventure travel company
  • Inspired by this, Joe decides to go back to school to become a teacher/coach
  • He realized quickly that it wasn’t for him
  • So Joe starts dabbling in a blog and creates the  Stacking Benjamins podcast
  • He wanted to take the unique angle of comedy
  • They took it really seriously and even would attend comedy classes

Pulling From Others

  • Joe recommends the book by Austin Kleon – Think like an artist
  • He really recommends people look at others in their industry and pull all the best parts
  • It was actually a car podcast that was hilarious to him that inspired the Stacking Benjamin theme
  • Joe says he actually wants a finance show where no one learns a thing about money
    • In reality, people learn a lot but it doesn’t feel like a class
  • He would go on to pull from a board game podcast, car podcast, and even a little kids podcast

Key Takeaways

  1. Imposter Syndrome: Joe was a financial advisor but still struggled to follow his own advice. We all need help on this journey.
  2. Let Others Inspire You: Don’t feel guilty about taking takes from others as long as it isn’t inspiration.

Call to Action

Change, assess, repeat. Start to source ideas from others and try them out. Don’t just be stagnant!

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