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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from MK Williams who authors Financial Independence Fiction.

She started out chasing a career for money but found herself unsatisfied.

MK studied the art of writing and self-publishing.

Now she is authoring books and helping other authors as well.

Listen and learn all about side hustles and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

  • MK saw her mom put herself through law school and struggle
  • From there she always wanted to hoard money vs spending it
  • She decided to major in economics
  • This decision was largely to earn a higher income
  • She had a passion for writing but didn’t feel like she had the skills
  • MK graduated in the middle of the recession so no job was lucrative
  • Her first job would come through a fluke all at USAA
  • She had moved down to Florida to live with her parents
  • Her starting salary was $38k but she didn’t love her job
  • While in Tampa she would meet her now-husband Jason
  • Jason actually owned his house and was renting rooms out to people
  • It’s very obvious that Jason and MK are completely on the same frugal page
  • We then discuss how they keep finances straight as a couple
  • They actually just use whatever credit card they need for rewards

Writing as a business

  • MK had this dream that she would just write a book and a publisher would show up
  • That didn’t happen
  • She said it took her three to four years of learning to be ready
  • In the end, she settled on self-publishing
  • MK wasn’t driven to write for money at first
  • She then discusses how she grew her brand organically
  • Mk wasn’t open to the idea of just paying for tons of ads to grow
  • Then we talk about MK’s inspiration for her fictional novels
  • She shares a story of her husband who started selling her families stuff at 12

FI Journey

  • MK got out of debt in 2012
  • Then they discovered Mr. Money Mustache in 2013
  • The topic didn’t stick at first but then they read Early Retirement Extreme and it stuck this time
  • They had always been good with money but there was no real purpose behind it.
  • Then we swap gears into how she’s helping Fiology and ChooseFI with their books
  • MK is now a full-time author and independent publisher by helping others learn how to self-publish
  • She’s also taking all these lessons and sharing them via her YouTube Channel
  • MK also shares how authors can still provide physical books without huge upfront costs

Key Takeaways

  1. Partner in crime: It’s so important to get on the same page with your partner, if your not today, just keep working
  2. Keep Learning: MK shows how she’s continuously learning such as re-reading Harry Potter to understand how a series builds
  3. Cheap is harmful: We discuss how being cheap is destructive to relationships and the environment

Call to Action

Practice your listening skills, We learn from listening not from speaking.

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