Long Distance Real Estate Investing | Emil Shour from Roofstock

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Today’s episode is an awesome chat with Emil from Roofstock.

Emil covers why he wanted to get into real estate and what held him back.

He knew his area of California was too expensive and discovered the idea of long-distance real estate.

Roofstock gave him the tools and confidence to make his real estate dreams a reality. Then a couple of years later he actually joined the company and is here today to walk us all through his journey and what Roofstock could bring to the community.

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

Emil’s Background

  • Emil was instilled with values early from his frugal parents
  • In high school, he got interested in stocks and started self investing
  • At the time he was picking individual stocks but doesn’t advise that
  • He luckily had a friend who was like a child genius with stocks
  • When heading out for college he needed a car and sold his stocks to purchase one
  • In college, he studied economics
  • His first job would be aggregating data on pharmaceutical companies
  • It’s clear Emil gets a ton from his time working across a few startups
  • Emil also stresses the importance of Networking
  • It would ultimately lead to his job at Roofstock


Emil’s Journey to Roofstock

  • Emil became a user of Roofstock in 2017
  • At the time the company wasn’t at a point to bring on remote workers
  • He would continue to send marketing materials to Roofstock that he thought the could use
  • Over time Roofstock opened up remote positions and he went to work with them
  • Emil had a strong connection to the company because he always wanted to invest in real estate
  • His dad actually had been investing in real estate for a long time
  • The problem for Emil was the prices that were near him
  • So he got interested in remote real estate
  • That’s where Roofstock came in to save the day
  • He now has several properties over multiple states including Florida and Indiana.
  • He bought his first home in 2017 for $84k in Jacksonville with an original rent of $900
  • The property had a new roof and HVAC so it almost turn-key
  • Today it is renting for $954
  • He also has never had to change tenants
  • Total cash-flow has been $8,200
  • Appreciation has also increased the property value by $26k

Roofstock Details

  • Roofstock links you up with preferred property managers
  • You’re not required to use them but you’re not forced to find someone
  • Roofstock makes their money during the sale of the homes
  • It’s actually a great deal for both the buyer and seller
  • The seller ends up paying 2.5% vs a standard 6% for the sale
  • Then the buyer pays $500 but gets a ton of support
  • Beyond the property manager help, they also have preferred lenders
  • Emil scans Roofstock to find states with good returns
  • Then he looks for states that have landlord-friendly laws to avoid squatters
  • He also recommends job and population growth
  • Most properties have an inspection report
  • This inspection report also comes with an estimate to get it rent-ready
  • Then you can leverage the property manager to find a trusted contractor

Roofstock Guarantees

  • If you’re not happy with a purchase, roofstock will help you sell it
  • If it’s not sold after 90 days, roofstock actually buys it back
  • They also have a rent guarantee
  • This kicks in if you can’t rent a property after 45 days
  • After that point, Roofstock will pay 75% of rent
  • It does require some things on your end
    • You’re using a preferred property manager
    • The home is rent ready
    • Rent isn’t set at an unreasonable level

Free to Sign Up

  • Yep, Roofstock is 100% free to sign up
  • You only need an account for certain functionalities, but still free
  • Currently, they service residential only but up to 4 unit properties


Key Takeaways

  1. Everything gets disrupted: It’s awesome to see a service like this trying to take something traditional and put a unique twist on it.
  2. We all need kickstarts: There’s no shame in getting a little help. Services like Betterment have helped get many people off the sidelines so they don’t miss out on the returns from the stock market and Roofstock is looking to get people off the sidelines and into the real estate market.
  3. No harm in looking: The awesome thing about looking into a new venture is that it’s free to look. No investment other than diverting a little time from Netflix and into an app or web search to find some potential first properties

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Learn more about long-distance real estate investing and decide if it’s right for you.

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