Making Money with Airbnb Experiences | Martin Dasko

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Today’s episode features Martin Dasko from Studenomics.

Martin doesn’t just talk and write about money. He also is dedicated to fitness, traveling, teaching, professional wrestling, and yea…making money too!

We caught up with Martin at FinCon where we not only went through his backstory but also one of his ventures we’ve been wanting to highlight.

Martin started doing Airbnb Experiences that led travelers around to different coffee shops. A great side hustle he can benefit from even while he is on his annual travels to escape the Canadian winters.

How crazy is that? Making money by taking people to places you’d like to go anyway and all with zero risk.

Martin has even written an e-book to teach others how to do this.

In the book, he gives you ideas and the steps to take while also highlighting real stories like a guy getting paid to walk around and eat pizza with travelers in New York.

The possibilities (and the cash) are endless!

Go check out Airbnb Experiences and see what’s popular in your area and let us know if you start your own gig.

Martin is a true bright spot and wealth of knowledge, so if you liked this episode as much as we did, please share!

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