Managing Goals and Avoiding Mediocrity | Jillian Johnsrud from Everyday Courage

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Today’s episode is an awesome chat with Jillian from the Everyday Courage Podcast.

As a young adult, Jillian had huge goals in life to adopt children, travel the world, and hit financial independence.

Then, Jillian hit all these things by the age of 32.

While it is amazing to hit goals early, it can leave you devoid of a north star.

Now she is helping others through coaching and this podcast to find their own goals and push themselves Especially those parts of our lives where we settle and tell ourselves that ‘it’s ok” or “it’s good enough”.

“Avoiding the 6’s” as she calls it.

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

Jillian’s Background

  • Jillian got married at age 19
  • She saw from an early age that money gave you options
  • They started off their marriage with $55k worth of debt
  • From the start, they always stuck to a goal to save 50%
  • They made some difficult choices like living in a camper or roommates
  • They would end up investing and buying rentals
  • This would lead them to be financially independent at age 32
  • Their goal was certainly never that early in the beginning
  • Jillian credits her small-town upbringing for her strong work ethic
  • She also notes that hard work gave here control she craved
  • Her home life was rough at times and out of control

Everyday Courage Podcast

  • Jillian discusses how we typically see courage as huge events
  • In reality, there are moments every day where we can do courageous things
  • Success is like this too where there are small wins all around us
  • She warns against having peak experiences with unfulfilling large gaps between
  • Then we start talking about success
  • She breaks down how success is so different for everyone
  • Jillian talks about how to keep going once you met all your goals
  • She thought she had a lifetime of goals but hit them by 32
  • She talks about the amount of reflection that takes
  • Jillian also describes how luxuries become necessities as you grow
  • Now she has big goals that have no time limit
  • She explains the importance of imagining yourself as the person who has met your goals
  • Then think about what gaps exist between that person and who you are now.

Avoiding the 6s

  • When we’re in a situation that’s a 2 out of 10 there’s little risk
  • As in, if you quit a job that’s a 2, how much worse could the next job be in comparison
  • Then if it’s an 8+ it’s where we want to be
  • The problem comes in the “good enough” are of the 6
  • Doesn’t everyone struggle with fitness, relationships, work/life balance, etc
  • When pressed on these situations they feel like “it’s ok”
  • Jillian urges people to not settle into these 6s
  • She tries to focus in on things that people hesitate around
  • Finding the things in your life that you procrastinate around
  • Then understand where that resistance is coming from
  • Mostly being aware of the resistance and having the curiosity to solve it

The layout of the podcast

  • The show is set up in seasons around a theme and interview
  • They are set up to be really short listens
  • There will also be a workbook where people can follow along
  • Episodes are only 6-20 minutes long
  • One episode comes out every week
  • The seasons are wrapped up in two-month chunks


Key Takeaways

  1. Courage every day: Jillian’s premise is that we all have things in our lives that we can work towards every day that takes a little courage.
  2. Define your success: Don’t let someone else set your goals for you because even if you meet them you won’t be fulfilled.
  3. Luxuries to necessities: Jillian explains how coaching or retreats may be luxuries at first but as you continue they can become necessary to your growth

Call to Action

Find a “6” in your life and push yourself to make progress in that area and not settle.

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Jillian Information

Her New Podcast: Everyday Courage

Twitter – @JillianJohnsrud

Instagram – @JillianJohnsrud


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