Maximizing Relationships by Playing Well with Others | Eric Barker

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Today’s episode features Eric Barker, author of “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” and “Plays Well with Others”

In Eric’s first book, he scientifically stress-tests the maxims we’ve all been told about success to uncover the surprising answers we need to live a meaningful life.

Now in the follow-up to this bestseller, he’s doing it again but this time for relationships.

That’s right, he is again scientifically challenging the advice we’ve been given are whole lives about relationships.

In doing so, Eric found a path that can lead us all to more fulfilling friendships, love, and community.

There’s a reason Eric has sold over a half-million books and has a staggering email list — he breaks down such important topics in ways you never considered.

Now sit back and take a listen for yourself.

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