Millionaire in 9 Months through Wholesaling Real Estate | Mike DeHaan

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Buying a home and then flipping it or renting it isn’t the only way to be a real estate investor.

What if you could just find incredible deals on homes and then line up a buyer looking for a good deal to flip or buy?

That’s exactly what Mike DeHaan from the Collecting Keys podcast is doing, and it’s the core of what wholesale real estate is.

Mike started in real estate by hustling to complete a few flips and using the proceeds to buy his first rental properties.

Eventually, he started to feel a bit burnt out though.

Instead of flipping the properties himself, Mike decided to sell the right to buy the properties to other investors (aka wholesaling) and the rest is history.

As of today, Mike owns over $12 million worth of real estate and has completed 300+ transactions.

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