Mindset, Manifestation, and Your Why of FI | Adam Coelho

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You can learn the mechanics and math needed to reach financial independence in a couple of weeks.

The math is intimidating to so many people but it’s not the math that keeps most people from reaching their goals.

It’s their mindset.

That’s where Adam Coelho’s expertise comes in.

Adam Coelho is the host of The Mindful FIRE Podcast, a show about crafting a life you love and making work optional using mindfulness, envisioning, and financial independence.

Adam believes crafting a life you love starts with answering the question “What do I truly want?”.

He helps people answer that question so they can start living the life they dream of right now.

He’s also a father, husband, entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator.

For the last 13 years Adam has worked in sales at Google, where in addition to his core role, he’s taught mindfulness, envisioning, and emotional intelligence to over 2,500 Googlers around the world.

We truly believe that these mentality skills are even more important than any level of comprehension to something like a tax code.

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