Our Biggest Money Mistakes

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We’re money experts and would never fall for a financial trap right?

Not exactly…

Over the course of our lives, we’ve made some pretty bad money moves.

It is scary to think about how much more money we could have had at age 65 if we hadn’t blown that money.

But we’re all human, and we all make mistakes.

And that’s really what we want you to take away today.

Understand that making mistakes is part of the journey, the important part is that you learn from them.

What were some of these mistakes?

  1. Expensive cars that wiped out savings
  2. Major percentages of net worth wasted on a single volatile stock
  3. Whole life insurance policy
  4. Thinking you’ve outsmarted the market
  5. More

If we really examine these, most come down to emotions.

Getting sucked into the excitement of getting rich.

In reality, the math to financial independence is fairly simple, the hard part is staying the course.

Make a plan, and stick to it, regardless of the hype cycle and you’ll be rich one day.

Thank you all for listening and may this episode help you on your path to a financially independent future.

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