Over $100K a Day Teaching Microsoft Excel | Kat Norton

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Today’s episode features Kat Norton aka Miss Excel.

Kat is taking the world by storm with her 800k+ Tik Tok followers, 600k+ Instagram followers, and LinkedIn learning viewers.

It doesn’t just stop with the freebies though, Kat has earned over $100k in a single day (not a typo!)

She does this all by educating the world on Microsoft Excel.

But not just any form of education, Kat makes it fun and approachable.

And all of that is just what the audience sees.

Behind the scenes, Kat spends a lot of time and energy on her mindset.

Whether it’s overcoming things from the past or truly understanding what makes her happy, Kat has done a ton of great work internally.

We’re excited to bring you such a superstar who has so much to offer.

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