Overcoming Wealth Guilt (+ Blogging for Profit Course Review) | Mrs. Miller from Millers on FIRE

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Mrs. Miller who writes over at Millers On Fire.

Mrs. Miller grew up in the Bronx surrounded by low incomes and not much excess.

She gets out and her salaries begin to really climb. Once she passed the six-figure mark, she started feeling the guild of success.

At age 32, she comes to terms with what she’d achieved and found a new motivation in a journey to financial independence.

She also shares her experience with the Blogging for Profit Course.

Listen and learn all about side hustles and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

  • She originally wanted to go into criminal law.
  • The original plan was to get a political science degree
  • That should set her up to become a lawyer
  • Once she decided being a lawyer wasn’t in the cards she swapped majors
  • She’d end up graduating with a business degree
  • Being born and raised in New York she lived there with her father while she hunted for a job
  • She’d eventually find work with the U.S. government in California

Mrs. Miller’s Background

  • Her salary would quickly climb from $35k to $70K and eventually up past $100k
  • The problem was her lifestyle inflated alongside her paycheck
  • She slowly increased her savings rate from 3% to 10%
  • Lacking financial literacy, she didn’t consider what investing could do for not only her future but start a shift in generational wealth

Mrs. Miller Discovers FI

  • At age 32 she came across an article that explained this idea of financial independence
  • She took a look at her life and spending and realized she had a lot of financial potential
  • She admitted to struggle to even store all her clothes and shoes
  • Throughout her working career, she’d only been saving 10% of her income
  • After the discovery of financial independence, she would ramp that up to 50%

Mrs. Miller Spreading FIRE (+ Blogging for Profit)

  • Once she experienced such a shift in mindset, she wanted to spread it
  • In 2016 she bought the domain name for millersonfire.com
  • Unfortunately, it didn’t go anywhere
  • Running a website proved to be overwhelming
  • Then in 2019, she took a course on Blogging for Profit
  • From there she found the tools and motivation to get back to her passion project
  • Mrs. Miller has seen a big turnaround and shares that for her readers
  • She also does a great job of being extremely transparent with her numbers
  • The Millers sit at a net worth of about $500k
  • Their goal is $1.1M and hope to hit that by age 44

Key Takeaways

  1. Success can hurt:   Mrs. Miller was crushing her professional life but felt undeserving and guilty when she knew many people even in her own family, who were struggling.
  2. Don’t listen to standards: Saving 10% can feel like the finish line, push yourself to save as much as you can, not hit a minimum number.
  3. It’s ok to get help: Mrs. Miller tried blogging back in 2016 and hit a wall before getting help from the Blogging For Profit Course.

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