Putting The FI in Fitness | James Lowery

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Today’s episode features James Lowery from Rethink The Rat Race

James is a repeat offender back from episode 36.

In that episode, he dug into his background and how he and his wife retired in their 20’s after amassing real estate in just two years.

This episode we dive more into his accomplishments in the health and fitness arena.

From lifting, cardio, diet, and more all through the lens of someone on their FI journey.

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think about this awesome episode!

Episode Summary

James’ Background

  • As a refresh, James and Emily saved heavily
  • Invested that into real estate properties in Huntsville, AL
  • Then when they retired, they moved to Cyprus
  • Obviously COVID-19 had other plans and they had to return to the U.S.
  • Now they’re putting a little effort into some of their rentals
  • And looking for their next adventure

James’ Diet

  • He refers to his diet as “Freegan”
  • This is because he’s 95% Vegan but will make exceptions
  • These exceptions are for non-vegan meals that avoid food waste
  • So if the food is already there and it’s free, he’ll eat it

James’ fitness ventures

  • James has done bodybuilding competitions, lifting, and helped with physical therapy
  • He takes some time to break down the positives of each of these
  • Then we start ways to mix it up because cardio doesn’t have to be just running on a treadmill
  • James loves trail runs, HIIT training, weight lifting, and the huge amount of content out there on YouTube
  • He recommends you recognize your body can do more than you think but also be careful of going to some extreme right off the start

Keep It Simple

  • James mentions how entire food groups do not have to be eliminated
  • Extreme style diets are so hard to be successful with long term
  • He recommends mostly vegetables / not too much mindset
  • That just means understanding the calories you have coming in but making veggies the prominent part of your plate
  • Also don’t overthink the amount of weight your lifting
  • Keep it light if your form starts to slip, don’t stress about breaking records
  • Also, don’t forget the simple parts like hydration
  • Hydration can impact your calorie burning, energy, and cognition
  • Also don’t stress about finding the perfect ratio of Fat/Carb/Protein

Don’t Get Intimidated 

  • This journey doesn’t have to be expensive
  • The food costs can be reasonable
  • James & Emily actually only spend $40/week per person and eat a ton of healthy foods and veggies
  • Then you don’t have to pay a ton for a gym membership
  • There’s plenty you can do at home, outside or for $20/mo at a Planet Fitness
  • And if you need to earn some extra cash, James actually covers side hustles that are great for your fitness
  • Also, don’t get intimidated with bulking up to fast
  • Lifting weights doesn’t magically make you get bulky
  • It can be a great way to get toned and burn calories


Key Takeaways

  1. Get Creative: I loved the story of James doing this floor exercise to replace a pull-up movement
  2. It doesn’t have to be complicated: Too many people sit on the sidelines because they’re looking for the perfect diet or workout plan when simple balanced eating and getting active is an amazing start.

Call to Action

Start a fitness or health challenge with someone. Maybe even put a little money on the line to keep up the motivation.

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