Retired at 39 From a Movie Theater | Tom Brickman

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Today’s episode features Tom Brickman aka The Frugal Gay.

Tom actually bought his first property at age 21 while working at The Gap making only $8.50/hr.

He would go on to buy 20 additional properties.

Did he get some huge pay increase? Not really.

Tom worked at a movie theater where he started off making $32k and eventually maxed out in the $70k range.

He also did this all at a reasonable pace, taking 18 years in total to acquire all of his doors.

That’s what’s so powerful about Tom’s story. He never made a ton of money, he didn’t buy 10 houses in a year, he didn’t take out some crazy loan, and he never got some crazy inheritance.

Now he’s retired at 39 and is earning double his day job income through real estate and side hustles.

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