Scaling to 7 Figures While Giving Back Aggressively | Jeremy Schneider

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Today’s episode features Jeremy Schneider from Personal Finance Club.

Jeremy started his journey as a young, scrappy entrepreneur. In 2004, in founded Rentlinx out of his bedroom with nothing but grit and determination.

He slowly scaled the business while keeping his salary under $36k throughout most of the company’s growth.

Then, in 2015, 11 years after its founding, Jeremy sold Rentlinx for over $5 million dollars!

After going through a bit of an existential crisis and playing video games for a year, Jeremy founded Personal Finance Club.

As a lifelong personal finance enthusiast, he’s now turned his attention towards helping others learn how to invest and become wealthy in simple terms that rely on tried and true methods.

He’s built a tremendous following in a short amount of time and you’ll hear exactly how and why.

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