Setting Your Financial Goals for 2020

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from just your Hosts! That’s right, no guests today, but plenty of voices will be heard.

This episode is covering the 2020 goals we sourced from our Community Facebook Page.

In today’s episode, the guys share with you the powerful goals The FI Show group set for 2020.

As always the Community Facebook Page has set the bar high and brought us some impressive ambitions that we can’t wait to follow and help motivate!

As always the hosts will also be transparent with their financial goals for 2020.

Hopefully, you enjoy this special episode!

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

Goals from various community members

  • 345 bench / 445 squat / 515 deadlift
  • Add $100k to their net-worth
  • Visit 15 new countries
  • Publish a second book
  • Finalize estate plan
  • Quit jobs and fix up Air BnBs
  • Pay off student loans
  • Buy first house hack
  • Positive net-worth
  • Attend 2020 FinCon
  • Complete triathlon
  • Make $35k from rentals
  • Buy replacement commuter car
  • Put extra $12k towards mortgage
  • Payoff house
  • Zero consumer debt
  • Max out IRAs

The Hosts Share Their 2020 Goals

  • Justin
    • Finish a half marathon length spartan race
    • Put $100k into the stock market
    • Make $1800 selling blood / blood cells
    • Finish 2012 Ford Transit camper-van conversion
    • Have an 80%+ savings rate
    • Hit his FI Number ($550k)


  • Cody
    • Get to his lowest body fat % of his life
    • Buy a house hack
    • Invest $50k into retirement accounts
    • Take one memorable trip every month
    • Volunteer more
    • Push himself and take a risk


  • Podcast
    • Get an A-list celebrity / athlete on the show
    • Double listeners and community members
    • Hit the road and meet the community in person


Key Takeaway

  1. This community is ambitious: We were amazed to see how strong some of these goals were but based on the 2019 progress, we know they are going to hit them.

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